Battle scars

My name is Lexie I have no parents no siblings and no family, my best friend Alex has two brothers one called Justin who is the oldest ( 1 year older than me and Alex) and the other called Ben who is Alex's twin brother, my life goes from happy to depressing


12. Justin's POV

I couldn't see Lexie anywhere, I ask Alex if she had seen her but her reply wasn't what I wanted to hear I walked out side and called her she picked up or I thought she did when I heard Tyler's voice then I heard Lexie she sounded scared and frightened, I told Alex we needed to get home quickly I grabbed my key and jumped into my car and started driving I was quickly followed by Jamie and Alex it wasn't too long of us to get there, I hopped out of my car and locked it as Alex opened the front door I heard Lexie weeping I ran in to see her standing by the sink holding her wrist , the back door swung open and a knife on the floor next to her feet I stood still for a minute trying to take in what I had just seen, Alex run to Lexie taking me out of my thoughts and back to reality, Jamie stood in the door way his phone pressed tightly against his ear I slowly walked towards the kitchen door wondering if I should get involved or just turn around and walk out the door, no I couldn't leave her, I walked into the kitchen put my arm around her waist and kissed her cheek I could feel her tensing as I leaned closer

"What did he do to you!!"

She pulled her wrist out and showed me the cut was deep but I noticed that there was scares on her wrist

"Did he do theses as well" I asked her

She pulled her arm away and ran upstairs, I look at Alex she just sighed

"She used to self harm, why did you have to say anything" she yelled at me

"How way i suppose to know" as I crossed my arms

" I thought my mum told your mum that she was a damaged child around grans" she enquired

" nope shall I check if she's okay" I ask

" no I think you should just leave" she said sternly

I sighed and walked out the door and past Jamie

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