Spray Paint // Niall au

The smell of that terrible fume was her passion. The different colours of the world, held in a can, was her love. The sound of it releasing itself as she presses, was her desire. The giant canvas that attracts it was her smile. The stains of it sticking all over her brain, smile and body, was her experience.

All of this, spray paint.

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3. Zayn Malik, The Pimp Daddy

Zayn bought Lucy's artwork for a thousand bucks despite criticizing it. He also decided to hire her. So by the end of the gallery, Lucy had enough money for the rent and to spent for herself for the rest of the month and she had a freaking job! Zayn didn't want to hire her blindly. He  hired her because he thinks she had potential and all of this was based on a fair work of paint. He wants to see what kind of magic this girl can do with spray paint. 

Zayn was quite good with spray paint too. He graduated from University Of Arts London three years ago and he funds into the research in that school too. He took up the study of graphic designs and have a passion for comics and cartoons. He loves spray painting too which made Lucy very pleased. Zayn arranged a day so that he could dropped into her apartment to look at her artworks. (All of it, not just the spray paint one.) Lucy also has a passion for pottery, which made her take up the job of a freelance potter. It didn't earn her much money, but she enjoys making pots. The commission and job offerings comes by rarely and Lucy was not financially stable. Hopefully, if Zayn hires her permanently, she would at least have an income.

Zayn came by to her apartment on the next Friday, but not alone. In his arms was a beautiful lady who had lavender hair. She smiled brightly at Lucy and Lucy gave her a grin. "Oh, I forgot to introduce you to my girlfriend, Perrie Edwards." I shook her hand. "She is a student at University of Arts London. She's in her last year and she is studying fashion." He spoke about her with a voice that was full of pride. Lucy wondered if anyone will ever speak about her with that kind of intonation. Not just anyone. A special someone. She pushed the thoughts away and invited them into her rented apartment. It was not much. When you open the door, the right of the house is the kitchen and the kitchen island. And in the middle is the living room that has a leather beige sofa and a small tv which Lucy rarely uses. 

On the left of the room, diagonally across the living room, were two beige doors. In conclusion, the apartment was plain and boring. Not the kind of scenery you would imagine an art enthusiast to live in. Lucy has a diploma in graphic arts, but that's just as high her education got. She got into an argument with her parents, fighting for her freedom and left the house and town, never looking back. And she ended up here, in London, where homeless people littered the street, mugs are everywhere and when you bump into people, you continue walking ahead without any exchange of words. You'll get lucky if they mumble a low 'sorry' to you. But yet, Lucy had made London her home. She made acquaintance with Celesta when she used to be a barista in a downtown cafe. Her art file was left open and Celesta snooped around and they both discovered that they were art students. Celesta was more into fashion design, so she was beyond thrilled when she got the internship at Harper's Bazaar. She wanted Lucy to join her, but fashion designing wasn't really her thing, so she sadly rejected the offer. 

"Your apartment is... no offense, but boring." Zayn said bluntly, making Perrie slapped him on his biceps. Lucy shrugged. There was nothing she can do about it. The landlord insisted that she should not even try to change anything in the house, which was quite hard at first, but Lucy adapted to it. She led them into one of the two doors and Zayn's eyebrow raised. "Wow..." Perrie said breathlessly. Since Lucy could not paint the walls to her desire, she decided to place canvases against them and spray paint the canvases instead. She had to make sure that the spray paint don't land on the walls. It was a good practice for control. There was eight canvases on the four walls, one canvas was still in the progress of completion. In the middle was a white medium-sized table that had at least a dozen spray paint of all sorts, five huge metal bucket of paint, some brushes and stains of different colour coated the white table. The floor was entirely covered with cardboard, so as to make sure that the floor won't get messed up. 

"I take that back. Your apartment is beautiful." Zayn said, as he stared at the canvases in awe. He touched one of them. Under the table were some pile of papers that I painted on, just to get used to painting. Lucy was okay at painting, but she's marvellous at spray paint and Zayn can clearly see it in her works. He nods approvingly at them. 

"Any chance I can trade the one I bought with one of these?" He asked jokingly and Lucy just laughed. Perrie also went closer to one of the canvases and looked at it. "So much detail." She murmured, a grin slolwy making its place on her face. "That's it. You are officially hired." Zayn said and Lucy's face burst into a smile. "Now, can you finish this eighth canvas?" Lucy nodded enthusiastically, which made Zayn chuckle. "I want it ready by Sunday. Is that possible?" Lucy just nodded. "Why?" She asked. "Do I have the permission to sell all of these canvases?" Zayn asked and she knew immediately what he meant.

On the evening of a wonderful, yet chilly Tuesday, all of Lucy's eight canvases had been hung up for display and sale. This time round, Lucy did not have to come early to get tricked into helping with the displays. She brought her date, Celesta. And Celesta brought her date, Derek. 

"I can't believe you are like, having a job now!" Celesta said to Lucy and she glared at her for making that statement. Derek and Celesta was given a persona tour by Lucy. They bumped into Zayn as they were making their rounds. Lucy hugged Zayn as a sign of thank you and pulled back. "Still not you." Zayn said, making Lucy laugh. Zayn decide to continue the tour for Lucy and asked her to grab her drink. She went to the table and grabbed a glass of champagne. She chuckled as she thought, this was how I met Zayn, who gave me a job. I wonder who I will meet next. 

"Buying any?" A guy with a thick accent interrupted her thought process. She looked to her right and see a man with blonde hair (and dark roots) quiffed up. He was wearing a suit, probably Armani. "Nah, I'm actually the thing that they pay for." Lucy has always considered herself and her art indulged in one, so she refers herself as her works too. Trust me, even Celesta gets confused by it, but it's a lingo Lucy likes to use. Unfortunately, it misinterpreted by the blonde guy. "How much for one night?" He asked, playing along. "What do you mean by one night? I'm not refundable!" 

He raised his eyebrow in curiosity. "Are you sure?" She nodded her head insistently. "Sodding sure." He just shrugged. "So, how much?" Lucy tilted her head a little. "I don't know. Never discussed it with Mr Malik. It's up to him." 

When Niall first got here, well, Zayn insisted that he should be here and see the artworks that was wonderful. Niall was unhappy about it, yet he came, because Zayn was his best friend since secondary school. He came here and saw this woman that has light hair and a Versace dress on and tries to mess around with her. But never did he expect her to be a prostitute! An A-list one too. 

Soon, his best friend came towards them, smiling. "Having fun guys?" Lucy nodded quietly, wondering if Zayn knows the man that was standing beside her. "Zayn, do you have another business?"

Zayn frowned at Niall's odd question. "What do you mean?" Niall shifted his pupils back and forth between Zayn and Lucy. Zayn looks at Lucy. "Oh yeah. Yup, she's new." Niall narrowed his eyes. "Does Perrie knows about this?" 

Zayn smiled at the recollection where Perrie exchanged numbers with Lucy and said that they should hang out together. "Yeah, we both went to her house and look around." Niall raised his eyebrows in disbelief. "Wow. Can I join in sometimes?"

"Are you sure? I mean, it's not really your thing, but sure, if she's comfortable with it." Lucy just nodded shyly. She was not used to strangers being that interested in her art. "Wow. Is this the reason why you want me to come to your gallery today?" 

"Yup, to see Lucy's work." Zayn said nonchalantly and Niall frowned. "Who's Lucy?" Zayn gave him a funny look and pointed at Lucy. "Her." Niall raised his eyebrows. "And what's her works?" Zayn muttered something about him acting weird and pointed at one of the canvases. Niall closes his eyes momentarily to put two and two together. "Jesus, I thought..." Zayn looked at him. "You thought what?"

"I thought..." He trailed off. Lucy looked at him weirdly. She figured out that Zayn knew this odd man. "I'm sorry. I thought you were a prostitute and Zayn was a pimp daddy or some sort and Perrie joining you guys- Jesus." Niall muttered some incoherent things to himself. Zayn started laughing loudly and the potential buyers were looking at him funnily. Lucy's eyes widened, clearly creeped out by this man. Niall ran his hand across his hair and held it out. "I'm so sorry. I'm Niall Horan." She looked at him warily. "I'm Lucy." She accepted his handshake. "And it's three thousand."

Niall thought she was referring to her own price. "What?" She looked at him annoyed. "The artwork, Jesus." She muttered and Zayn kept on laughing. "Oh, oh yeah. Um, so what you do the most in art?" He usually isn't interested in art, but he wanted to steer this conversation away from prostitution and pimping.

She smiled at him. "Spray paint."

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