The world is not what you think it is...

At least, that what Cole experienced..

Dangerous themes, plots just to kill the single human in the vamprelic world.

"How did I end up here?.."
Sweets dreams, don't stay for long..

Not when your favourite band, turns to your nightmare band..

"Zayn? Is that you? PLEASE DONT!! "

Cole used to be your normal teenager, with weird thoughts, but never the one, you would suspect to be driven to hell...between vampires...

Her only way to save herself, is to find five keys, save five kings, which used to be her favourite band...

In one way on another,

Nightmares do exist..


2. Time, stay still..please

I drank my coffee slowly, before looking side to side. I knew I was alone, but there is that feeling that so done is looking at me. I grab a handful of chocolate, before chewing it smaller pieces. "Please, god save me" I prayed under my breathe, just in time I felt my head got dizzy. Another freaking   nightmare..


my hands roamed up his body! as he grabbed me still. "Babe" he whispered in my ears. I felt hot for a moment, that I thought I would dissolve. But thinking again, it feels just not right. His blonde hair tickled my neck, as he left few kisses in my neck. "Am sorry, princess" my eyes widened , as I jumped out of there. I knew, something  wasn't right.. This is probably a nightmare, another one, atleast.


i woke up forcefully, but this time I noticed I wasn't anymore in my room, neither my warm couch. I gasped as I noticed, the grey coloured sky, and  the cold aura almost knocking me off. I gasped, when I saw him there, standing in the side of the dark alley. He chuckled, as his gaze met mine, and a silly smile formed in his face. "Finally. My beloved princess, you are back" he said, as he hugged my hand, and knelt beside me. My eyes widen, as I noticed his red eyes, shining brightly. I took a step back, but he shaked his head. "It is not me, who you must be scared of" he whispered, as he stood straight. "I am drake, the second. Am supposed to help the princess, you, to save this dark world...." I stopped him right away. "Dude, what the heck is this about princess shit?!" He chuckled, "look, princess. You are the chosen, to save the five kings, and change the hell situation" he completed, before taking my hand in his, kissed it. I blushed suddenly, as he gave me another warm smile. 

"How can I trust you?" I asked weakly, as I felt so dizzy. My legs felt wobbly, as I stood there shaking, from the cold air. "This place, is not safe to talk. Why don't you go to mansion?" Mansion? Before I could say anything, everything went black and white.


i opened my eyes, to reveal a dark castle. "Enjoyed your trip?" A heavy voice asked me from behind. I turned, to reveal a funny looking cat, who groaned. "Don't laugh, you little..." "He meant, welcome to your home, princess" drake interrupted suddenly with a smile. I nod my head, not able to speak another world.

this is a total shit. Everything is just nonsense. Where Am I?! What is this drake blabbering about makes no sense! I wish if just time stopped for awhile.. "Stop nagging" a voice said from behind me, again. I looked around, to evenly a purple haired boy, with a very strict face. Looks so mature. "Umm I am.." He turned angrily, "stop." He said, before walking away. 


The fuck?! You bought me here all the way, with silly explanations, and you tell me to stop nagging?! "WAIT!" I groan, as I took steps forward, but a sudden hand found it way to my shoulder, stopping me right in the tracks. The dark hall, pictures all around it, was silent. "Please princess. You need to rest" I nod my head, as he carried me in the bridal style. I blushed, as I tried to protest, but before  I knew it,  I was in a warm, cozy bed.


why time? Why don't you take a sleep, for a while?



my second update for today! Please like, comment and fav! That what inspires me to write! Tell me your opinions, and if you have any ideas, or found some mistakes! <3

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