The world is not what you think it is...

At least, that what Cole experienced..

Dangerous themes, plots just to kill the single human in the vamprelic world.

"How did I end up here?.."
Sweets dreams, don't stay for long..

Not when your favourite band, turns to your nightmare band..

"Zayn? Is that you? PLEASE DONT!! "

Cole used to be your normal teenager, with weird thoughts, but never the one, you would suspect to be driven to hell...between vampires...

Her only way to save herself, is to find five keys, save five kings, which used to be her favourite band...

In one way on another,

Nightmares do exist..


1. Sweet dreams don't stay too long

My smile widened, as I carried, the filled water balloons. "Cmon Riley. You better get out" I said teasingly, before walking around the bushes. The flowers brightly bloomed, as the green grass made some strains in my arms, from a lot of crouching. I chuckled, when I saw her bright red hair, flow around in the dark east. 

 I slowly took my steps, as she turned around, right in time. The sound of the water splashed right in her face, as her hair got all sticky in her forehead. She let out a groan, and squeaked. "Geez, why? Why do you win, always?" She asked, as I chuckled. "Because I am short" I joked, as she chuckled. Yeah it is true. To normal people, my height is totally fine, but infront of her, am like a stick of branch.

 "Cmon don't exaggerate." She said, as she moved her hair out of her eyes. "Cmon, I do want to get sick" I nod my head excitedly, before grabbing the last ballon behind my back. Riley, is my best friend, who went with me in my ups and downs. Same here too. We never left each other, for too long, that I might forget how to count. "Cmon! You gotta change too!" Her squeaky voice,ran down the stairs, as I just yelled a yes. I hurried upstairs, up to my own room, as suddenly a sudden pain approached my head..

not again...

I grabbed the side of my head, as I felt dizzy all of a sudden. My breathe hitched in my throat, as sweat formed in my face. "No!!" I heard yell downstairs. No! It must be Riley! I pushed away the pain, just I ran downstairs and gasped loudly.

I let an angry growl. . Just in time to see the eyes I used to love. The face I would die to see in life, but not anymore.. He grabbed her neck securely, just as his strong gaze met mine, and I felt weak in my legs. "Zayn..please" Riley pleaded, through tears. "ZAYN FOR FUCK SAKE LEAVE HER" I yelled angrily, as he smirked evily. "How are you, my beautiful princess. Hope you enjoy the show, like every day" he said scornfully, before pulling Riley throat stronger. She let out a long shriek. 

I looked around, just to find the knife, that wasn't any close to me. I sighed. "What do you want, zayn?" He chuckled, before  throwing Riley to the floor. And kicked her right in her stomach. She gasped, as tears strongly pushed each other in my checks.  " what I nothing you would like to here, love" yuck. He suddenly teleport infront of me, just in time, to dug his dark fangs in my neck, again..


i woke up with a sudden shriek. Another dream,huh? Sweat poured down my face, as my pyjama sticked to my body. I threw the pillow angrily at the floor, as I let the tears flow down my checks, just in time to noticed another two marks appeared in my neck..



sweets dreams....don't stay too long 




I know it isn't that cool from the Beginning, but trust meit would be awesome! Please like, fav and comment!! That what supports meh!! 




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