Passing Through

Lucy Hale. A 16 year old girl. Country girl, definitely. She lives in Minnesota. Protective over herself and her mother and big brother. She does farming as a living. While her mother tries to get money from the big cities, she cleans horse stables, feed the pigs, collecting chicken eggs and milking cows. Her mother often offers her to come with, but she always refuses. Why? Believe it or not, she has the country heart. So, her mother leaves every 2 months to Los Angeles.

Louis Tomlinson. An 18 year old boy. City boy, obviously. He doesn’t really work but both his parents own lots and lots of business companies. He lives in the finest house in the finest city, Los Angeles. He’s also home-schooled. And also has an absolute big ego.

What happens when one of them crosses by? Will they just be passing through? Will the time be worth passing through?


5. Revenge


That stupid, ugly, freaking bitch. She thinks she’s a know-it-all. Well, ms know-it-all, if this is the game we’re playing, let’s play.


After walking out of the scene in the barn like a boss, I make my way to the house and file up the bucket of milk I just got earlier and put it in the stash with the others. Then, I took another look list I need to do today in my journal. Unlike my brother, I’m organized. My journal contains everything. And, I mean, EVERYTHING. My heart-to-heart conversation about how my days go, poems and lyrics I make, my schedules, Justin.. No. I must and should get over him. Besides, Ryan beat the shit out of him last time I met him. Yep, he is an overprotective brother. But, I still love him. Alright, let me see my schedule;

Milk cows. Done. Get the eggs. Feed the pigs. Clean the horse’s cage. Wash all the cows.

Great. Today was the least of chores I need today, usually there were 9 or 10. But, these are the heaviest chores. With the drag of boy around the barn, I don’t even know if I can finish it in time. Either way, I should finish it so I can schedule things for tomorrow. I can’t have the douche messing up my plans. Wow, I’ve come up with so much names for the douche bag in just one day! Idiot, prick, drag, douche, douche bag, pig-faced, idiot- Wait, there’s already ‘idiot’. Gotta get started anyway, off to the chicken hut!

On my way out, I see Louis trying to wear the boots I told him to use earlier. “Struggling to wear boots, big-foot?” I snorted at him. “You should probably stop snorting, duck!” “Duck? Ducks don’t snort, doofus, they quack!” I smirked, continuing walking “Stupid” I said in a low voice. “I heard that!” he pointed out. “You’re supposed to! You have ears, idiot!” I snorted again and finally make my way to the chicken hut and left him alone to struggle putting the boots on. Maybe, I should stop snorting, it’s becoming sort of a habit for me to snort. I greeted the chickens and started collecting the eggs.


I managed to get my boots on and sneak up on Lucy. If I was even sure that’s her name. She’s in the chicken hut, collecting eggs. A brilliant plan just crossed my mind and a smirk appeared on my face, then my thinking was interrupted with the sound of a honk. The honk caught Lucy’s attention and she stood up and walked out of the hut. I tried my best to hide on the side of the hut and kept quiet. This is perfect, time for my plan to commence.

I made sure Lucy was gone for a whole 1 minute then I walked into the hut and started cracking the eggs, in the basket she has collected in. Haha, revenge is sweet. Once, I finished cracking every egg, I poured into the chickens who were mostly sleeping and then they started waking up and shouting and screeching and stuff. And it was time for me to go out and bail now. I sprint out of the hut and to the house and watched from the window from the room I was given. The window had a view of the whole barn, and I can 100% admit that I think it’s horrid, everything looks messy. Nothing can beat the beautiful city lights. I see Lucy running into the hut, shouting stuff. I slid the window a little to hear what was gong on. Ryan walked into the scene. “What happened, Luce?!” he shouted to Lucy from outside the hut. Lucy walked out of the hut with both hands covered in yolk. I snickered, yep, revenge is sweet, alright. “I-I didn’t do this! I swear! I-I picked up all the eggs lightly!” she tries to explain herself to her brother, she sounded like she wanted to cry. Ryan ran a hand through his hair, looking like he was about to explode. “Lucy! You know we were running low on eggs!! I know you rarely do this chore and I know you don’t like doing it, but you don’t have to freaking crack them! Tell, me there are still 7 left!” Ryan shouted at Lucy. Whoa, he was scary. Lucy stayed silent. “LUCY HALE, TELL ME THERE ARE STILL 7 EGGS UNCRACKED!” he was practically screaming at her. “There are no more eggs, Ry.. I’m sorry..” she whispered. Ryan left Lucy, being frustrated he is, he went to the barn. Who gets angry and goes to the barn? Hahahah! This was fun! Definitely. Now, what else shall my evil schemes be? Hmmm.



A/N I'm sorry for not updating this sooner.. but, it was my birthday on 20th of January :D and on that day, one of my close friends; Jacquelyn dedicated one of her chapters for me! so, I'm dedicating this for her! Yayy! follow her -> authorityofauthor! And also read my other story; My Bully! thanks x

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