Passing Through

Lucy Hale. A 16 year old girl. Country girl, definitely. She lives in Minnesota. Protective over herself and her mother and big brother. She does farming as a living. While her mother tries to get money from the big cities, she cleans horse stables, feed the pigs, collecting chicken eggs and milking cows. Her mother often offers her to come with, but she always refuses. Why? Believe it or not, she has the country heart. So, her mother leaves every 2 months to Los Angeles.

Louis Tomlinson. An 18 year old boy. City boy, obviously. He doesn’t really work but both his parents own lots and lots of business companies. He lives in the finest house in the finest city, Los Angeles. He’s also home-schooled. And also has an absolute big ego.

What happens when one of them crosses by? Will they just be passing through? Will the time be worth passing through?


6. Hatred

A/N i really hope you guys like it x


“I know, mom, I didn’t mean to, I’m sorry..” I tried apologizing to my mom. She let out a sigh, “Lucy, I know you don’t like the fact that Louis is here, but you shouldn’t blame him on something you clearly did” my mom gave me her special soft eyes which always makes me feel guilty. “I swear mom, I was really gentle with the eggs..” “I’m sure you were, I have to start packing, Lucy, so when you’re done giving me bullshit, you can help” my mom sassed me. Yeah, she just did. This time it was my turn to let out a sigh, and then I left the room to go on with my chores.

Pig foods, pig foods, pig foods. Where the hell are those garbage cans? I could’ve sworn I saw 2 green bags all tied up and sitting outside of the house. Weird.

I make my way to the kitchen to find Ryan, “Ry?” I called out to him. I saw him, he’s washing some dishes, but he stayed silent. No words came out of him. “Ryan, please? I’m sorry alright?” I walked over to his side. He kept silent. “Mom’s starting to pack, you know.. She’s still mad at me.. I can’t stand if the both of you are mad at me” I admit to him. He sighed and hugged me. “I’m sorry I shouted at you, Luce, I just can’t bear to picture us in the future if we’re failing this farm, you and I are nothing without his farm.. I promised dad I would take care of you, mom, and the far, it’s the only thing he left us with..” memories of my father flashed in my brain. “I know, Ryan, I’m sorry.. I didn’t mean to, I swear” “It’s okay, baby sis, we all make mistakes” he hugged me tighter and finally lets go, he smiled in which I returned. “Since we’re now in good terms, have you seen the garbage? I need to feed the pigs..” I asked him. “Don’t worry, I fed the pigs already” I smiled at his response, “Thanks Ryan, you’re the best!” “Yeah, yeah I know, now go clean the horse’s cage” he stuck out his tongue at me.

Thanks to Ryan, I finished 3 chores today, and it’s just 11 am! It’s a record! I walk myself to the barn again and grab some gloves and mop. Alright, here we go..

I gathered all of our 3 horses’ poops in one pile and cover the floor with some leftover wheat for the horses to eat as well. “Hey” a devil’s voice rang through my ears. By the voice itself you can sense that it’s smirking. “What” I said as bitter as possible. “So, I heard you got an egg problem, why’d you crush the eggs? Too much of a monster huh?” the arse smirked. “Don’t be too surprised when you find out you’re the monster around here” I grabbed a sponge and scrub the stable borders. “What? You’ve got a camera around your barn? Ha, I doubt that very much, this place is a hellhole” That was it. Make fun of me all you want, but not what my dad left me with. “It’s not a hellhole! For you it is, because you’re such spoiled, self-centered brat! No wonder your parents sent you here!” I shouted at him. He raised an eyebrow at me, “First of all, hoe, you know nothing about me, so don’t call me a fucking spoiled brat! Two, it is a freaking hellhole! All you do here is work! DO you even know the word ‘fun’? I can’t wait until my dad destroys this place” he spits. “W-what? You can’t, no!” this causes him to smirk. “I will and I do, besides my dad needs a place to build an apartment around here somewhere, he actually told me to come here to check the place out, and I think it’s perfect! First, we’ll have a bulldozer to push this horrifying barn away and-“ he was cut short by me pushing him. “Stop! No! It’s not fair!” “Don’t you fucking dare push me, you, slut!” he shouted at me and pushed me and made me fall to the pile of horse poop. By then, tears were starting to show in my eyes. “You know, I knew you were a monster, but I never thought you were a beast” I stand up and pat my back and hands, “I want you to leave the place before I call the police, I don’t want to see you by 5 pm tonight, it wasn’t a pleasure meeting you, Louis”


I decided to plop and see Lucy again. Figured, I’d pull another trick on her. But when she mentioned about my parents, hatred build up against me. How does she even know why I’m even here? With so much anger inside of me, I pushed her to pile of horse shit she has been cleaning up. I didn’t know what got me, I never hurt girls. Maybe I can be a man-whore and stuff but I don’t hurt girls physically, ever. “I want you to leave the place before I call the police, I don’t want to see you by 5 pm tonight, it wasn’t a pleasure meeting you, Louis” was the last thing she said to me before she runs and leaves the barn. I could practically see the tears forming in her eyes. I didn’t know why I’m feeling guilty right now. I don’t give a shit about police, my dad would take care of it.

I made up everything, my dad sent me here because I was being ruthless. Because I was being a jerk to everyone I see. He didn’t send me here to check up on the land. When I mentioned to Lucy about destroying the place, I knew I crossed the line because she pushed me down. Sigh. I guess, I gotta say sorry to her.

I walked over to the house, I figured she’d be there taking a shower or something. “Hey, have you seen Lucy?” I ask Ryan. “Nah, I thought she was in the barn, washing up the horse’s cage?” it came out more of a question than a statement. “Well, she ran out” “Why?” “Reasons” I answered him. He raised his eyebrows, “don’t worry, she’s probably in the lake” “lake?” “Yeah, it’s a couple yards down the barn” he gave me a couple directions and then I thanked him and make my way out the door. “Hey, Louis, I know we got off in the wrong start, but we can always be bros” he offered me and for once after I landed in Minnesota, I smiled. “Yeah, that’d be great” I shrugged. He returned the smile and went to his room.

Now, where is it? It should be around here somewhere. I raised my neck a little to look for a better view of what I’m searching for. Then, from a distance, I can hear sounds of splashing. Water, that’s it! I followed the noise and finally see Lucy in her undergarments swimming in the lake.
“You come here often?” I ask her, and she seemed surprised. “Why are you here?” “Why am I not?” “I thought I made it clear that I don’t want to see you ever” “No, you said you don’t want to see me by 5 pm later, and I still got a couple of hours before 5” I told her, smiling a little and walked over to the water. “Will you please leave?” she begs. “Like that is even going to happen” she let out a sigh and just stayed quiet until I broke the silence. “I’m actually here to uhh apologize” I looked to her in the eyes, hoping she’d forgive me. “Why?” was the only thing she asked. “Because it made me remember why I’m here in the first place” I explained. “And what is that?” I sighed and took off my boots and soak my two feet into the water. “My parents sent me here because I lack experience, they said I need adventure, something that will help tone down my horrible attitude..” I swing both my feet side-to-side and forward-and-back. “I’m sorry for the attitude I’ve been giving you since I landed here in Minnesota, I’m sorry for crushing the chicken eggs, I’m sorry I kinda ruined your relationship between your family, I’m sorry I called you lots of horrid names, and I’m sorry for pushing you into shit” I apologized. She looked down into the water, “Are you really here to destroy the place?” sadness fills her voice. “No, I just said it out of anger..” I explained. “Then, I guess, I forgive you, Louis” “thanks, what’s so special about this place anyway?” I ask, but not bitterly. “My dad, this place is the only thing I have left of him” “Wow, you just made me a thousand times much more guilty” this made her chuckle. “It’s alright, I forgave you” “Do you want to like start over or something?” “Yeah, I’d like that”

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