Passing Through

Lucy Hale. A 16 year old girl. Country girl, definitely. She lives in Minnesota. Protective over herself and her mother and big brother. She does farming as a living. While her mother tries to get money from the big cities, she cleans horse stables, feed the pigs, collecting chicken eggs and milking cows. Her mother often offers her to come with, but she always refuses. Why? Believe it or not, she has the country heart. So, her mother leaves every 2 months to Los Angeles.

Louis Tomlinson. An 18 year old boy. City boy, obviously. He doesn’t really work but both his parents own lots and lots of business companies. He lives in the finest house in the finest city, Los Angeles. He’s also home-schooled. And also has an absolute big ego.

What happens when one of them crosses by? Will they just be passing through? Will the time be worth passing through?


3. Arrival

LOUIS’ POV “Mom, you can’t be serious! You’re not seriously supporting this stupid fucking decision!” I scream in my mother’s face. I was walking back from dad’s office to find my mom finished packing all my stuff from my room. And she packed ALL of it. “Your father’s right! You’ve been nothing but a mess! And if Minnesota is where your dad’s sending you, then that’s where you’re going! No excuses!” “Oh yeah? Well you can’t make me!” “Louis William Tomlinson, so help me, both me and your dad won’t get you to move to the UK!” “You wouldn’t dare!”. I can’t believe she’s bringing this up. Using England to make me move! She’s freaking blackmailing me! “Watch me!” she says, glaring at me and walking away. Why the hell does this has to happen to me? LUCY’S POV “Lucy! Lucy! Lucy! Lucy!” Ryan shouted at me. “What? What? What?” “You missed 1 more ‘what’” I chuckled at him. I wonder who’s more mature from both of us. Nah, none of us are that immature and mature at the same time. “Guess what?” Ryan asks. “I’m not saying ‘what’ again” I smirked. “But, you just did” it was Ryan’s turn to smirk. I roll my eyes at his silliness. “Seriously though, what?” I turn on my serious face. “Mom’s coming home tomorrow!” “You better not be shitting on me here Ry!” “Nope!” I screamed happily with him and hug him tightly. I should get my best clothes for mom’s arrival! I kissed Ryan’s cheeks, saying that I’ll see him later. Best farm clothes, best clothes, best farm clothes. Finally. I found 1! It’s the best I have! I gotta iron it! I rush downstairs and iron the set of clothes. I should make the best batch of pie, I’ll ever made. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Everything was perfect. Blueberry pie done, clothes check, truck clean. With all the rest of the spare time I had today, I managed to clean the truck. Now it looks like it’s clean, green, with a little bit of rust. Yeah, it’s pretty old, but it works. That’s good enough for me. THE NEXT DAY. LOUIS’ POV “All your stuff is already in the car, Sir Edward will deal with the baggage later in the airport, here is one of my credit card, every one of us will be inserting $10.000 every month, you have nothing to worry about, I will see you soon, Louis” my mom kissed my forehead. “First of all, mom, I’m 18, second of all, what do you mean each month?” I asked my mom. My mom’s face went pale and my dad interrupts, “Nothing, just go and have fun” he smiles at me. “Yeah right, fun” I mutter under my breath. My dad shoot another glare to me. “Bye, mom, dad” they both nod to me. I walk myself into the limo. “Are we ready, sir?” “Duh, if I wasn’t, I wouldn’t be in the car” hurt flashes in Sir Edward’s eyes. “Sorry, rough morning” I said quickly. He nodded. “Are we meeting up Mrs. Hale in the airport?” I ask him. “Yes sir, I will notify her” I nod to him. The limo finally came to a stop and we arrived in the airport. I walked out of the limo and meet Mrs. Hale. “Mrs. Hale, I’m really sorry for bothering your time here” I apologize to Mrs. Hale. “No, it’s alright” she smiles at me. Sir Edward walks over to me, “Sir, I’ve loaded all of your luggage, you’ll be ready to go in 5 more minutes” he informs me. “Thank you Edward, you can go now” I smile to him. “Let’s board, m’am?” I ask Mrs. Hale and she nods. LUCY’S POV “Let’s go! Let’s go!” I rush into the truck with Ryan. “Ready?” he asks me. “Yea” I said to him. He turns on the truck and rolled down the window, “WE’RE GOING TO THE AIRPORT FOR A REASON! WOOHOO!!” he screamed to the world. I burst out laughing and rolled down my side of the window, “HELL YEA!!” we both burst out laughing. This is gonna be a ride. {At the Airport} “Do you see her, Ry?” I ask my waayy taller brother if he could see our dirty blonde hair mom anywhere. It questions me from where I get my brunette hair, because both my mom and brother has dirty blonde hair. Probably, from.. Ugh, I hate thinking about that person. “Nope, nowhere kiddo” I let out a sigh, “Hey, we’ll find her, no worries” “Lucy! Ryan!” somebody screamed our names. And it wasn’t just somebody, it was my mom. She was carrying a lot of luggage. I don’t even remember her bringing ANY luggage. Next to her was a guy in dark jeans and a buttoned up shirt. Mom quickly walked to us, dropping the luggages and then hugging us very tightly causing me and Ryan to chuckle at her. “I miss you both so much! How’s the farm?” she asks excitedly. “We sold some eggs” Ryan says pulling off a half smile. “Don’t worry, we’ll get some more” she kisses my forehead, then Ryan’s. The boy next to my mom cleared his throat. “Oh, oh right, Lucy, Ryan, This is Louis, he’ll be staying with you both for a couple of months”. I could tell that Ryan didn’t like that information. “Why?” he asks, bitterly. “He needs a little country experience” my mom answered, still a little joyfully. Ryan dropped the conversation but I know it’s still in his head. “Why did you bring so much luggage, mom?” I turn the conversation around, saving Ryan from the silence. “Oh, these? They’re not mine, it’s his” she smiles. What is it with her and smiling today? “Wow, did he bring a horse?” I joke and made both Ryan and mom laughed while Louis sneers at me. What’s wrong with him? Ryan helped out with the luggages and bring them to the truck. All four of ask walked to the truck. Ryan loaded the luggages in the back of the truck. “There are four of us, so 1 of us has to sit in the back along with the luggages..” Ryan says trailing off in the end. Louis sighs, “I’ll be in the back” he volunteers himself. My mom shoots him an apologetic look. Louis tried to climb the truck from the side, and terribly failed. Then, he tried hopping from the truck wheels, which he failed terribly, again. Ryan walks over to the back and opens the back of the truck, “There you go, pretty boy” he chuckles while me and Mom tried to hide in our laughs. Once, Louis hopped in, Ryan locked the back so the luggages won’t fall. All 3 of us, hopped into the front. After Ryan turned on the engine of the car, Mom started to have second thoughts. “Lucy, maybe you should company him in the back..” she suggested. “Why can’t Ryan do it?” I groan. I hate it when I already sit down then someone tells me to do something that requires moving from my spot. “I’m driving, Luce” he uses his nickname for me. I sigh in defeat and opened the door next to me and jumped out and climb the back of the truck and succeed. I see Louis sitting in one of his luggages, so I took a luggage and sit in it too. “If you’re gonna be staying with us, I gotta teach you how to do that” I chuckle, remembering when he struggled to get in the back of the truck. “Listen here, bitch, I didn’t come here to have fun, so knock it off, I don’t know you and I’m not planning on doing so, just stop whatever you’re doing, I’m just here to watch you and you brother do all your works while I’ll sit down and watch TV” anger grows in me. He called me the b- word. Oh, it’s definitely on. A/N soooo, tell me what you guys think! if this is good, please comment, like, favorite and vote! x
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