A day to forget

I remember everything, everyone's faces the loud deathly sounds and screams but what could I do I am only one teenager so much pain and hurt


1. Remembering

As I walked down the hollow halls of what was once a well loved an highly sort after School to attend I can't help but remember what happened oh so long ago. I don't like to think about it, it brings up some really bad an depressing feelings so much pain an hurt went down that day. If I'm going to tell you I better take you back to the start back to when an where it all began. I don't know why you would believe me or even wanna listen to me. No one else does, no one knows what really happen except me because we all know she is in no shape to tell anyone let alone talk. I don't know even know if she remembers or feels anything it's sad really. What must of happened to her for her to end up that way and I was all but to late when I found her she was frozen with a lifeless look on her face. I know what happen to everyone else everyone except her. I wish I was there I wish I knew where she was or what she was even doing there. How does one go from a packed classroom to the basement without anyone seeing or stoping her was she looking for him, was she trying to hide WHAT WAS SHE DOING!!! Sorry I get angry an upset when I think about it. Nothing I could to I was meant to look after her, she is my little sister and was only in her first year or high school. If I could change one thing it would be taking so long to realise she was missing. Not that it took me ages to realise it just wasn't the first thing that came to mind. Everyone says I am being to hard on myself but they don't know what happen they don't know what I have seen things I could have done. But at the same time I didn't think it would of came to this but how can I not blame my self I knew that car didn't look right. You know when you look at something and just think to yourself that really looks out of place why would that be there. Well that's what it was like but I was young then and didn't think twice just went to school. They say there was no car that I must of came up with it due to the trauma that happen. Anyway enough of this I must leave this school let me tell you what happened an maybe just maybe you will believe what I tell you well here is goes.

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