Hidden In Plain Sight

When April Malfoy discovers a secret room at Hogwarts, she has only five clues on how to unlock the door. The first one:The Sorting Hat's song in Harry Potter's first year. (Set in the time Harry Potter's kids are at Hogwarts).

My first movella so please leave comments!


2. The Door

I'm having a mental debate on whether or not I should press the button. If I press it, it might be really loud and wake the whole castle. If I don't I might miss out on an adventure. I decide to press it. A note comes out of the door.

'You're special. Only a true potterhead can open this door. This is your first clue: The house descriptions in the Sorting Hat's song for Harry Potter's first year.'

I'm special? Why? I'm not special, just lucky. I'm a pureblood but I had to go live with a muggle family, who introduced me to the Harry Potter books. I have my own copy of each one but my true family doesn't know that. I didn't know about them till I got my letter and had to go back to them. I know what I have to do. I can hear Filch coming. As I'm walking through the portrait hole, I see someone sitting in the armchair by the fire. It's James…

Author note: Sorry this one is so short! If you're reading my story, please leave comments because this is my first movella and it would mean a lot to me! Thanks- Gryffindor#8

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