You and I 💜{COMPLETED}

Taylor aka Ms Logan moves into a new school because her family is getting poor.Then she meets friends along the way. Once she locks eyes on Louis she has an extreme crush. Will someone get jealous?She and Louis gets really close and start dating.Will their relationship last long?


29. Who is that girl? (Chap 29)

Slowly got out of bed and brushed my teeth. I changed into some proper clothes and ran for the kitchen. I ate sausages with toast and head out the door. Didn't see Louis at his window so he's probably at school. As I walked in the school front doors I noticed Zayn getting close up with a girl I probably never met before. I also realized he was my tutor today so he probably will tell me later. I walked to drama with Kayla. She sat on the opposite table of me and I sat next to Lou with some other girls. Then, Lou whispered in my ear.

"Have you seen Zayn?"

I whispered back. "Ya , I noticed he was getting quite close with a girl. He's probably dating her or something."Lou kept quiet after that and we started practicing for Grease. I forgot to mention when we got the main characters we totally freaked out. We'll maybe not Lou but I did. Ya I'm pretty cray cray. Anyways after drama Louis was out of the room as quick as a racing car you wouldn't even notice. I walked out and Kayla followed behind. I asked her if she knew who Zayn was hanging out with but she didn't seem to recognize her from anywhere. Before I started walking to my next class I saw Zayn alone so I ran in his direction and pulled him in an empty closet with all the school mops and other cleaning stuff.

"Zayn, who's that girl?" I asked curiously.

"The girl I was hanging out with?"

"Of course. Now tell me!"

"Look,she was in this school years ago when she was 14. She left cause she kept on getting picked on by me. Yes, I used to be a bully but I changed ok? Anyways,she moved to Australia for a few years and now she came back I guess. Me and Louis used to hate her. She was so bossy and ugh you don't wanna know. But now she changed." Zayn said in one breathe.

"How do you know she changed?"

"I can tell by the way she acts,don't worry. "

"Any chance I get to meet her ?"

"Of course you will!" Zayn said with a smile. After We realized We were late for class,I opened to closet door and looked around to make sure no one was there. Especially Louis, he would think we did something else there. We ran separate ways and waved bye until I crashed into Louis. I fell on my butt. "Ow!" I said in pain. "There you are." Louis said in relieve. He picked me up and asked if I'm ok. "I'm fine." I lied. My butt felt like it had a bruise on it but I don't want to get into detail. Louis pulled me by the arm and I literally almost tripped over his shoes. We arrived at maths. My teacher excused me and let me not have detention. That's was the first time someone let me go. I sat down in an empty seat. On my right was a nerd with weird teeth and pimples and on my left was a cute looking girl. Similar to the one I saw with Zayn. And I was right. It was the girl who was hanging out with Zayn. Our teacher didn't really introduce her but I heard her name was Cassie. Louis didn't look really happy to see her. Like they had an argument or something. Cassie looked like a nice generous girl with blonde hair. Hope that's what she is! At the cafeteria I asked Louis why he was acting so strange around Cassie and he told me the truth....

"Few years ago I was dating Cassie I thought she was a pretty nice girl until I knew the inside of her. She was really rude so I broke up with her. She kept on saying she wanted me back but I would never give her a chance.She also makes silly rumors that don't even sound true. So me and Zayn started standing up,we wanted to be tough and more manly so we bullied her. Which was the wrong thing to do but at the time we thought it was a good idea-"

"Get to the point !" I snapped.

"The point is I think Cassie still has revenge and wants to ruin mine or your life. I don't know but I think she is getting on with Zayn. I don't think she even knows we are dating. I should show her that I'm big enough to have a proper girlfriend just like you." He said and pecked me on the nose. "And that I don't need someone like her."

School was over and me and Zayn had left a bit late to talk to Cassie. I didn't want to ruin their relationship but I also didn't want Cassie to break Zayn's heart. He would be total heart broken.

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