You and I 💜{COMPLETED}

Taylor aka Ms Logan moves into a new school because her family is getting poor.Then she meets friends along the way. Once she locks eyes on Louis she has an extreme crush. Will someone get jealous?She and Louis gets really close and start dating.Will their relationship last long?


7. Weird Stranger (Chapter 7)

I woke up today and looked at my phone and realised it's 9:00! I am so late for school. I ran out of my bedroom door and down the stairs.

"Where you going?"My mom asked.

"I'm going to school. What does it look like?"

My mom started walking towards me from the kitchen.

"Taylor, there's no school today . It''s saturday."

"Oh,right....i knew that!"

I rushed straight up to my room and in my bed.I kept tossing and turning.Thats it, I couldn't fall asleep.I got out of my bed and checked my phone to see if i got any text messages. I just only had one text from last night that i didn't check. I read it and it said "Good night!" but the thing is i didn't know who it was from. I didn't have this number in my contacts.So what i did was i texted back .

"Who are you?" I bet it sounds stupid,but ill give it a try.My phone buzzed and i got an answer from this "person" It  said

"Secret , but I wont hurt you! I promise."This is freaking me out. I don't know this stranger and he knows me!

"Do i know you?" i asked the stranger. He answered back after a few seconds.

"Yes but you don't know me to well." Phew! Ok well at least i know him/her a bit.I just have a feeling its a guy.........I don't know why . I hope it's not a bully or anything that will show my embarrassing pictures to the class. I usually tell my mom but today i didn't really feel like it.I heard a knock on my door.

"Come in !" My mom opened the door slowly and spoke.

"I'm going to the supermarket , do you wanna come?"I thought i  should go to get this stranger out of my head.

"Sure."I got in the passenger seat in the car and put on the radio.They started playing "The A team" By Ed Sheeran. I started to sing along.

                          White lips,Pale face

                      Breathing in snowflakes.

                      Burnt lungs , sour taste 


                      Lights gone , days end

                       Struggling to pay rent

                    Long nights , strange men


           And they say , she's in the class A team

                      Stuck in her daydream

                   Been this way since 18

                 but lately, Her face seems

                  Slowly sinking waisting

                   Crumbling like pastries 

                       And they scream

      the worst things in life come free to us 

      cause she's just under the upper hand........

After a few minutes later we reached the supermarket.We got out of the car and went in.I saw Louis and tried to hide my face. My mom thought i went crazy. but eventually he found me curled up in a ball on the floor behind my mom.

"Hey, are you ok?"

"umm....ya im fine"that's the most embarrassing thing ever.Louis helped me up .

"Who are you?"My mom said loudly.

"He's just a friend from school."I interrupted her.

"Oh sorry, darling!"My mom said sweetly.

"No worries. So , what are you doing here?" He asked curiously.

"Just shopping for dinner."

"Alright, then i'll see you later"He winked at me and left.

"He is a cute boy! You like him?"


"Sorry darling,but he is a perfect boyfriend."My mom embarrasses me a lot. and i mean it!



Hi guys,Thanks for reading this chapter!Hope you enjoyed and will continue reading my future chapters. Love you all!

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