You and I 💜{COMPLETED}

Taylor aka Ms Logan moves into a new school because her family is getting poor.Then she meets friends along the way. Once she locks eyes on Louis she has an extreme crush. Will someone get jealous?She and Louis gets really close and start dating.Will their relationship last long?


17. Taco Bell (Chapter 17)

We were gonna find out who got in the Grease movie tomorrow.Hope me and Louis do!

(After school)

"Hey!Umm...your coming to my house today right?"Someone said in an irish accent.I turned around to see a blonde dude.

"Are you Niall?"I asked.

"Ya!Your coming to my house today!Are you hungry?I am!Taco Bell here we come!"He said just before i was about to say i wasn't hungry.We used Zayn's motorbike. He didn't mind.Once we reached Taco Bell I heard Niall sigh. 

"Stay close to me!"He told me.I nodded and did what he told me to do.We kept walking and i saw Niall kept looking at this guy.I couldn't see his face.

"Niall!"I heard a guy say.

"Umm hey Harry."Niall said in a not so happy voice.I popped my head out .

"And who are you?"Harry said in a deep voice as he kissed me on the hand.

"She's Louis' girlfriend,Taylor."Niall interrupted me.

"Oh,so your taken?"Harry asked me.

"Ya!"Harry rolled his eyes and walked away.

"Why is Harry acting so weird?"I asked Niall.

"Well,he likes hanging around with girls,but your taken by Louis,so he wont bother you."

"Ok,good to know.Now lets eat!"

"What do you want?"Niall asked me.

"No!I don't want anything. You order."

"You sure?"

"Yup."I went to go find a seat avoiding Harry.In the corner of my eye i saw Louis walk in.Wow,everyone goes here.I miss him so much i haven't seen him all day.I sat down and was listening to what Louis and Harry were talking about.

"What did you do to her?"I heard Louis say.

"Chill man.Nothing."Harry said.

"You better not be lying!"Then Louis walked away.Seems like everyone hates Harry except girls.Niall walked over to the table i was siting on.

"Whats wrong Tay?"Niall asked me.

"Nothing,I just saw Lou come in."

"Oh you wanna sit next to him?"

"Do you mind?"

"Of course not."

"I haven't seen him almost all day!"I told Niall.We were searching for Louis and finally found him siting alone.He looked sad.I wonder whats wrong.

"Louis!I missed you so much!"I called out as i hugged him.

"Taylor?Where have you been."

"What do ya mean?We just ordered.Niall's my tutor today." Louis hugged Niall, then we both sat down.

"Why do you look sad?"I asked Louis.

"Ya mate, whats wrong?"Niall asked him.Louis looked down at his feet.He wouldn't speak.I wanted to know what happened.

"Louis,you know you can tell me anything.Don't you trust me?"I told Louis.He started tearing up.I hugged him and whispered

"Louis,please tell me.....

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