You and I 💜{COMPLETED}

Taylor aka Ms Logan moves into a new school because her family is getting poor.Then she meets friends along the way. Once she locks eyes on Louis she has an extreme crush. Will someone get jealous?She and Louis gets really close and start dating.Will their relationship last long?


5. "Quit staring!" (Chapter 5)

"Time to get up in the morning!"My mum shouted as she ran in my room.

"ugh!Morning."I said as my voice broke.

I put on my favourite shirt,I got it from fresh tops!!

Isn't it adorable? OMG! I love it!Anyways I put it on and wore my high waist shorts.

"Bye mom!" I shouted as I ran out the door.

Today I couldn't find Kayla or Lisa so I just went to class. I had Math. Ugh I hate Math so much!I sat in my seat and noticed a blonde hair dude siting next to me so i thought i should introduce myself.

"Hi, i'm Taylor!" I said politely

"I'm Niall. Are you that new girl?"

"Ya ,I moved school." I didn't want to say why because i would look like a loser.

"Attention class,today you all will be working in teams of two to work out these word problems."Mr Codin said as he walked in the room.

I just sat in my seat and waited for someone to be with me and guess was Niall.

"Wanna be with me ? We can work out these problems together!"

"Sure,i'd love too!" Even though i wanted Louis to be with me.


I walked out of class and into the cafeteria . Finally, I saw Lisa and Kayla waving at me to come sit next to them.

"Hi , I couldn't see you this morning."I said to both of them

"Right....we were just...........Late!Ya we were just late... we had a sleepover and woke up late. Sorry I didn't invite you I--"

"It's alright!"I interrupted her.

We ate lunch in silence until Louis , Niall and 3 other boys came up.

"Hey guys!"Kayla shouted."Come sit!"

"Incase you haven't met.This is our friend Taylor!"

"Oh ya I met her in Maths"Niall said with his irish accent.

"Hi Taylor , how are you?"Louis asked me.

"Great!"I replied

"I'm Harry"

"I'm Liam"

"and i'm the last boy....again.Just kidding, i'm Zayn"

Those are the boys i saw on my first day, they were the ones who giggled at me because i was staring at them."Well that was embarrassing!" I accidently said out loud.

"Sorry?" Liam asked.


Louis POV

I was staring at her the way she stared at me on the first day.I wonder if she noticed."Louis.Louis.LOUIS!"I heard Kayla shout.

"What?"I asked in my beautiful british accent.

"Niall asked you if you want to go to the loo with him!"

"Oh ! Umm . Sure."

Taylor POV

He was staring at me.....

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