You and I 💜{COMPLETED}

Taylor aka Ms Logan moves into a new school because her family is getting poor.Then she meets friends along the way. Once she locks eyes on Louis she has an extreme crush. Will someone get jealous?She and Louis gets really close and start dating.Will their relationship last long?


13. Party Part 1 (Chap 13)

Its Wednesday today almost friday!Not really,I reached school 10 minutes early and got a note in my locker about my tutor today.It said I would have to go to Liam's house at 6.

"Hey,You saw the letter?"Liam said.

"Ya,I just read it."

"Ok,so you could come early if you want and we could do something."

"Sure , what time is good for you?"


"Alright , see you then!"I walked to class and sat next to Kayla.

"Hey"Kayla whispered.I turned my head towards her.

"Whats up?"

"Whose house are you going to today?"


"Cool, he's a really down to earth person,really sweet!"


I sat in the cafeteria with Liam, Kayla and Lisa.I don't know where is Louis but i'm sure he will come later.After we all finished our lunch Louis still wasn't here,I was honestly was getting a bit worried.Then,out of nowhere Louis came up to me and held my hand.

"I'm sorry if this is too soon but I want to do this in front of your friends and mine and show you that you are mine so,Taylor Amber Logan,will you be my girlfriend?"I was so shocked that my love of my life just asked me to be his girlfriend.

"Sure."We hugged each other then kissed on the lips.This is the best day ever!

"Aww,so sweet!"Lisa said.


We all finished school and i decided to walk home with Liam.

"Do you like video games?"He asked me.

"You mean Call Of Duty?"


"It's alright..."

"Well we shall play at my house!"

"Ok."Me and Liam seem to get on really well, he is like my best friend now.We talked about embarrassing stuff to places we would like to go.I feel like I could tell him anything.Once we got to Liam's house, we started to play Call Of Duty, and to be honest , it was actually pretty fun.After an hour of playing video games we started doing some revision and other stuff.

"Thank you so much Liam I had a great time!"I told him


"See you tomorrow Liam."

"Bye Taylor!"

When i got home a got a few missed calls from mom.I called her back.

"Mom?Whats wrong."

"I'm sorry but i needed to do some work out of the country.I left a lot of food for you if your hungry.I'm coming back in a week.See you!"

"Bye."I started crying in the corner.I couldn't live without my mom.She always helped me and i don't know how to do anything so i decided to ring Louis.

"Louis."I said while i was crying "I need help,my mom left for work and i'm missing her so much."

"It's alright Taylor.So are you on your own?"


"Well , if you want to have fun maybe you could stay at my house tonight and I can call the boys and Lisa and Kayla.Does that sound good?"

"Great !I'd love to! Thanks Louis , your the best."

Louis POV

I ended the call .I'm happy Taylor's cheering up.I don't like to see her unhappy.I made a group called Party on the text message app.I added everyone who was coming to my house tonight and i texted

"Hi guys come to my house at 8 and we will have a blast!"



Hi guys,hope you enjoyed todays chapter.Me and my friends Socially Awkward and Dumb Fudge made a new movella called Five Of Us and its going to be great we have youtubers in it and One Direction.So if you like the sound of it please check it out!Thanks! -louistomolover88 💜

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