You and I 💜{COMPLETED}

Taylor aka Ms Logan moves into a new school because her family is getting poor.Then she meets friends along the way. Once she locks eyes on Louis she has an extreme crush. Will someone get jealous?She and Louis gets really close and start dating.Will their relationship last long?


15. Best Night Ever (Chapter 15)

Louis' POV

"Ok."Liam said"Truth or dare Louis?"I was still thinking Truth or Dare?

"Truth."I said,i wanted to be safe.

"Out of 1 to 100,how much do u love Taylor?"

"100."I said kissing Taylor on the cheek.

"Niall!I dare you to jump in the pool."Harry told Niall.I followed Niall outside and started laughing when he came out of the pool.He was soaking wet and he told that the pool is freezing.After the game of truth and dare I decided to play a little game of...........hide and seek.

"Ok,Lets play hide and seek!I'm counting."I shouted"1......2........3.......4......5....6.....7....8.....9......10!Ready or not! Here I come!"I first went to the kitchen and opened the cupboards and of course i saw Niall inside eating my cookies.

"Niall!"I shouted as i snatched the cookies out of his hand."You found me!"He said trying to change the subject .

"Now lets go find the others."

"Ok."Niall agreed.Niall went searching around the living room while i went up stairs to my room.I opened my bed room door.I slowly walked over to my closet and started hearing loud breathing.Suddenly, "Boo!!!" Niall shouted.I jumped and turned around. "Niall,this is the second time,now go find the others.I'm looking here."

"Ok.."Niall said frowning.I opened my closet door and there standing was Taylor.

"Found me!"I cut here off by kissing her on the lips.Then,me and Taylor heard a loud scream.We ran to the noise and ended up in the basement.I saw Harry,Liam,Zayn,Lisa and Kayla staring at Niall with a scary face.

"They scared me!"Niall said hugging me.


Taylor's POV

We watched a movie or two then they all decided to go home.

"Bye guys!"I said hugging all of them.The door shut.

"Guess it's just You And I."(<<<Get it?It's the title.LOL)We both said smiling.We stayed up all night laughing, talking and prank calling.Kayla is right! Louis is a fun guy.I changed into my pjs and got into bed in the guest room.

"night Lou!"I closed my eyes and still after a few minutes i couldn't sleep.I didn't want to wake up Louis.

Louis POV

I could't go to sleep so i decided to see if Taylor was still awake.Yup she was.I walked up to her and said

"Hey , I can't go to bed wanna come to my room?"I asked her.She nodded and followed me into my room.We both laid on my bed staring at my glowing stars.

"I love you"I told Taylor.

"Me too!"I hugged Taylor fell asleep holding her in my arms.This was the best night ever.



Here is chapter 15 . Hope you like it ! - louistomolover88  💜

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