Wait, please dont go

After 15 year old Chris Winter falls into a coma, trouble begins with her family, and people around her. But is Chris completely asleep..? FIND OUT MORE IN "wait, please don't go"


2. getting ready

"CHRIS! WAKE UP!" My eyes fly open and my view is a blurry picture of a white roof.

The last day of school until summer vacation.

I jump out of bed and head to the bathroom.

"ALEX GET OUT OF THE SHOWER!" I yell to my 13 year old brother, Alex.

After a few minutes, the shower turns off and Alex walks out with a smirk on his face. I smack him across the head on the way by.

I turn on the shower and wait for the water to turn warm. 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 7 minutes.

"HEY WHAT GIVES!" I yell to the shower. You see, I have this habit of getting angry at inanimate objects. "Why could the water be so-" and then it hit me.

"ALEX YOU WASTED ALL THE HOT WATER YOU ASSHOLE!!" Alex starts to laugh from his bedroom. I fling open his door and he continues to laugh. I drag him up from his bed and push him against the wall. His face changes from happy, to frightened.

"Was that really a smart choice?" I ask creepily.

"Yes," I hear him say under his breath. I push him farther up the wall.

"I'm going to ask you again. Was that. A smart. Choice."

"No," he says this time.

"That's what I thought,"I drop him and head back into the bathroom. I hop into the cold shower and my body shivers.

After a quick 5 minute freezing cold shower, I dry off and start to brush out my long, light brown hair. I stare into the mirror and examine myself for a while.

"I really need to workout,"

I start to put on makeup. I don't wear much. First, black eyeliner on the top and bottom, then a golden brown eye shadow, and lastly, covergirl mascara. Wow. I guess I've never really noticed how blue my eyes really are. Like the Morpho butterfly, my grandma used to say. They have a hint of dark purple right around the pupils. I go back to my bedroom to pick out and outfit for the day. After a good 10 minutes I finally decide on a peach coloured blouse and white shorts with beige high heel sandals. I throw on my horseshoe necklace that my best friend Joelle got for me 4 years ago 6th grade.

I check the clock before going downstairs.


I rush downstairs and almost trip on the way down.

"BYE MOM SEEYA LATER!" I shout as I run out the door with my backpack. I just catch the bus.

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