I am the new girl at the Sega Beta sorority and the leader and I don't get along and her boyfriend bothers me, what happens when something unexpected happens?


15. Chapter 15

I wake up and everyone is asleep, except Louis is gone. I sit up and my window is open. I slap everyone’s foreheads and they all sit up. “Do you have school today?” I ask but they shake their heads and lay back down and I call Louis. “Hello?” He asks and I look out the window. “Where did you go?” I ask. “Getting everyone donuts,” he says and I smile. “You are so sweet.” I say and he laughs. “I love you.” He says and I blush. “I love you too.” I say and I hang up the phone. About 10 minutes later, Louis climbs in through the window and smiles. “Donuts,” he says and Niall sits up. “Thanks Louis.” He says, grabbing one and then holding the box under the others’ noses. They get up and I laugh. Louis wraps his arms around me and kisses me. “I missed you.” He says in my ear and I smile. “I missed you too.” I say and he slaps my bum. “Oh my gosh! Christy! Get down here!” My mom shouts and I race downstairs and into the living room where my mom has the news on and is staring at a body on it. “What?” I ask and Blake’s name appears at the bottom of the screen. “We were called to the scene to investigate the death of Blake Handler, he was found outside the local gas station with a bullet hole to the head and the chest. We will tell you more about this crime scene later, back to you Rick.” The guy says and it flips to Rick and I just stare at the screen. “I am so sorry honey.” My mom says and I look at her and then I race back upstairs. “What happened?” Louis asks and I look at him and then everyone else. “Blake, he-he was murdered.” I say and the girls gasp and I just blankly stare out the window. “I’m sorry.” The guys say and I nod and I look at Louis and he is staring at the ground. “Louis?” I ask and he looks up at me. “What?” He asks and I bite my lip. “Do you know what happened to Blake?” I ask but he shakes his head. “Louis.” I say and he just stares at me. “Babe, he was messing with you, I had to do something.” He says and I gasp. “Louis!” I shout and he flinches. “I’m sorry!” He says and I back away from him. “Did you kill Brittany too?” I ask but he shakes his head. “I honestly don’t know who did that, babe please.” He says, stepping closer but Liam stands up in front of me. “I think you need to go.” He says and Louis looks at him. “Liam, back off.” Louis says but Liam puts his hand on Louis’ chest. “I think you need to go.” He says and Louis rolls his eyes. “This isn’t your business.” Louis says and I put my hand on Liam’s shoulder. “He’s right, it isn’t yours, it’s mine.” I say, pushing Liam out of the way. “Louis, you need to leave, we are over.” I say and he stares at me. “Babe! I was doing it for you! He was going to rape you!” He shouts and I sigh. “If you leave now, I won’t call the cops.” I say and he walks to the window and looks back at me with tears in his eyes. “Babe,” he begs and I look at everyone else. “How about you all go,” I say and they pat my arm and hug me and then they all leave and I collapse to the floor. I can’t believe Louis killed Blake. What if he killed Brittany too? Can I trust him anymore?

Authors Note

Sorry, I know it is short and crappy but I will make up for it in the next chapter!! -1D's Diana and 5SOS' Kangaroo and Lou's Carrot;)

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