I am the new girl at the Sega Beta sorority and the leader and I don't get along and her boyfriend bothers me, what happens when something unexpected happens?


14. Chapter 14

I wake up the next morning and there is rapid knocking on my bedroom door. I open the door and Alex and Shy burst into the room and I close the door. “Come in, I am not doing anything.” I say, turning to face them. “The results are back!” They exclaim and I run over and sit down. “Ok well.” Shy starts but is cut off. “Christy, can you go to the store?” My mom asks and I nod. “Just come with me.” I say to them and they nod and we all get up. “I told the officers where you are going, they are tracking you, don’t go anywhere else.” She says and I nod. We go outside and start walking down the drive way. “Ok, so the piece of clothing was a shirt and the person who killed her was a male.” Shy starts, holding the paper out in front of her and I nod. “The shirt was a large.” She says and I nod. “We searched for footprints but we couldn’t see anything.” Alex says and I nod again. “I can’t believe the police falsely accused me just because of rumors.” I say, shaking my head. “Well, they actually found your hair pin there, with a piece of hair in it.” She says and I gasp. “I didn’t know that!” I say and we arrive at the market and start grabbing some food. “Yeah, anyways back to the results.” Shy says and I nod. “The piece of shirt had blood on it, it was Brittany’s.” She says and I put some cereal in the cart. “It doesn’t give us much information but we are going to check again and Louis says he misses you, he is so sweet! He said he will be back again tonight.” Alex says and I giggle. “You should stay the night tonight.” I say and they laugh. “Ok, can we invite the boys?” They ask and I nod and we go back home, after paying. We set the groceries in the kitchen and then we go up to my room where Blake is sitting. “Hey babe, you brought your friends to meet me!” He says, getting up and walking over and kissing me. “Um?” The girls say. “Hi, I’m Blake.” He says, shaking their hands and keeping one hand on my back. “Christy, can we talk to you.” They say and pull me out of the room. “What?!” They ask and I sigh. “Only to make my mom happy and she doesn’t like Louis and Blake won’t leave me alone.” I say and they nod and we walk inside. Blake wraps his arms around me and kisses my neck. “How long are you staying?” I ask. “For dinner,” he says, smacking my bum. I nod and push him away and I sit on the bed and he sits next to me.

Its dinner time and I tell my mom the girls are staying over and she smiles. “Blake, you should stay too!” My mom exclaims. “Would that be alright with you Christy?” Blake asks, putting his hand on the inside of my leg and I gasp. “I guess.” I grumble and she smiles. After dinner, I clean the table and Blake walks in. “This is going to be fun; they can watch while I finish what I started.” He says in my ear. I gulp and he grabs my hand and pulls me upstairs and attaches his lips to mine and throws open the door and pushes me onto the bed. “Um, whoa!” They say and he smirks and starts trying to take off my shirt. “No!” The girls yell, pulling him off of me and I scoot back against the headboard. “What’s going on?” Niall asks and I look at him and I see Liam climbing in. Niall and Liam walk over to the girls and grab Blake and then Louis climbs in and stares at him. “What are you doing back here?” Louis asks and Blake smirks. “Making your girl feel so good,” he says and Louis walks over and punches him in the face. “If you ever touch her again, I will kill you.” He says and I stand up and walk over and grab Louis. “Calm down.” I say and he looks at me. “Get him out of here.” Louis says, turning to me and wrapping his arms around me and kissing me. “I missed you.” He whispers in my ear. “I missed you too.” I whisper, biting his earlobe and he laughs. “So happy you’re mine.” He says and Brittany enters my head but I shake it off. I sit down on the bed and he lies down and I turn on the TV. “Alright, movie night,” Liam says and they all sit down and we start watching a scary movie. Louis kisses me and I wrap my arms around him and kiss him. He plays with the hem of my shirt and pulls it up, running his finger up and down my stomach. "It's getting PG 13 in here." Liam says and I laugh and push Louis' hand away and pull down my shirt. "Look away children, things are about to get done." Louis says, climbing on top of me. "No!" I say, laughing and he laughs too and climbs off and I snuggle up to him and close my eyes and falling asleep to someone on the TV screaming.

Authors Note

Hello my lovelies! I hope you liked this chapter! -1D's Diana and 5SOS' Kangaroo and Lou's Carrot;)

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