I am the new girl at the Sega Beta sorority and the leader and I don't get along and her boyfriend bothers me, what happens when something unexpected happens?


13. Chapter 13

The next morning I wake up and the bed is empty so I go downstairs and my mum is making breakfast. “How was having your friends over yesterday like?” My mum asks and I smile. “It was great.” I say and there is a knock on the door. I go over and open the door and standing there is Blake. “Babe! I missed you!” He exclaims, hugging me. “Um?” I say and he kisses me. “Blake! Hi!” My mum says and she hugs him and I just stare at both of them. “Babe, let’s go up to your room.” He says and my mum smiles and he grabs my hand and pulls me up to my room. “What the fuck are you doing?” I ask and he laughs. “What are you talking about?” He asks and I roll my eyes. “Don’t act so innocent, you cheated on me.” I say and he laughs. “No, I didn’t.” He says and I clench my fists. “Yes you did, that day on the phone we broke up because you cheated.” I say and he smiles and pushes me against the wall. “I didn’t.” He says, kissing my neck. “Yes you did, now get away from me.” I say, pushing him away. He pulls me back into his arms and starts forcefully kissing me. I push him away and that’s when he punches me and I fall on the bed. “Look what you made me do.” He says and climbs on me and pins my hands over my head. “Now, let me have my fun.” He says and the tears trickle down my face. He starts unzipping my shorts and he pulls them off of me and smiles and pulls off his sweat pants and he starts kissing down my neck and he rips open my shirt and takes off my bra then puts his hands on my breasts. “Now, we are going all the way, you never let me when we were dating, so now we are going to.” He says, pulling down my panties. “Blake, stop it!” I cry but he only pulls down his boxers. “What the fuck do you think you are doing?” Someone says and Blake turns. “Who the fuck are you?” Blake asks and I just try to look around him but I can’t. “I’m Louis.” The other guy says and I hold my breath. “Well, you need to leave, I am with my girlfriend.” Blake says, letting go of my hands. I look around for my panties but I can’t find them. “You mean my girlfriend.” Louis says and Blake pulls on his boxers. “She is my girlfriend; I don’t know who you think you are.” Blake says and Louis punches him and he stumbles backward and then falls. Louis looks at me and his eyes travel up and down my body. I look around and grab my sheet and pull it around me and he smirks and then walks over to Blake and picks him up. “Get out of MY girlfriend’s house.” He says, spitting his words at him. “I will be back and we will finish what we started.” He says and he leaves. Louis looks at me and walks over and kisses me. “Are you ok? You have a bruise on your cheek. Wait, did he hit you?” He asks and I bite my lip. “Yes, he punched me.” I say and he turns but I grab his hand. “No, Louis, no more violence, come here.” I say and he turns and I kiss him. He picks me up and lays me on the bed and gets on me and kisses me again. He starts kissing down my jaw line down to my neck and just above my breasts. “Let’s get you dressed.” He says and I nod and he hands me my clothes and I put them on and he hugs me tight. “I need to go now, keep your window unlocked.” He says and I nod and I kiss him and he leaves. I go downstairs where Blake is sitting. “Honey, what happened to your cheek?” My mum asks and Blake looks at me. “I don’t know, I woke up and it just hurt.” I say and she walks over to me. “But honey, I didn’t see it earlier.” She says and I nod. “It probably just got worse.” I say and she walks to the freezer and grabs an ice pack and gives it to me and I put it on my aching cheek. “Babe, I am staying for dinner.” Blake says and my mum smiles. “Ok.” I say and he smiles and walks over to me and wraps his arms around me and squeezes my bum. “You guys are so cute.” My mum says and I fake smile.

I go up to my room and grab all of my dirty clothes and go to the laundry room and throw them in the washer and turn and Blake is in the doorway. “So you are cheating on me?” He asks but I shake my head. “I am not dating you!” I say and he smiles. “Then why are you pretending to, in front of your mum?” He asks and I sigh. “She likes you.” I say and he smiles wider. “Which is why you should be with me,” he says, walking closer. “I am ok.” I say, pushing past him and I go to the kitchen where my mum is putting food in everyone’s bowls. “Go get Blake.” She says and I bite my lip. “Blake!” I call and she sighs. “Go up and get him, he is your boyfriend.” She says and I smile slightly and walk upstairs and knock on the bathroom door. “Blake, dinner,” I say and he opens the door. “Alright, thanks babe.” He says and he kisses me and I push him away and he slaps my bum as I walk away. I sit down and my mum tells me to wait for Blake and I do. He walks down and he sits next to me. I begin eating and then something starts crawling up my leg. I put my hand over Blake’s and push it away. After dinner, Blake leaves and I go upstairs where I find a shirtless Louis, lying on my bed. “Hey babe,” he says and I smile and walk over to him. “Hi.” I say and he pulls me down next to him and I kiss him. “I am really tired.” I say and he nods. “Me too,” he says and kisses me once more and then pulls the blanket over us and falls asleep. I stare up at the ceiling until sleep overtakes me and I fall asleep too.

Authors Note

No Blake, just no. -1D's Diana and 5SOS' Kangaroo and Lou's Carrot;)

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