I am the new girl at the Sega Beta sorority and the leader and I don't get along and her boyfriend bothers me, what happens when something unexpected happens?


12. Chapter 12

I wake up to rustling. I yawn and look around but I don’t see anything. I just lie back down and close my eyes. Something touches my arm and I shiver. I turn but I just see darkness. “Hello?” I ask and then my blankets are being pulled off of me. I gasp and then Louis is getting on me. “Hi.” He whispers and I sigh and slap him lightly. “Stop sneaking up on me!” I say, smiling and he crawls next to me and pulls the blanket over us. “Why do you do this to me?” He asks and I shrug. “I just love teasing you.” I say, winking. “If you don’t watch out, you may get something back.” He says and I laugh. “Oh really?” I ask and he climbs on me. “My mom,” I say but he presses his lips to mine. He roughly tugs at my shirt and pulls it off and kisses my neck. He nibbles on my neck, probably leaving a mark and starts trying to unhook my bra. “Don’t.” I say and he looks at me with mischief in his eyes. “Don’t tease me.” He says, smiling and I laugh. “Deal,” I say and he smiles and lies next to me again. He pulls off his shirt and pants and I look at him. “I sleep in my boxers, calm down.” He says and I nod and get up and grab my shorts and long shirt and go into the bathroom and slip into them and then go and lie back down. “Will you be gone in the morning?” I ask and he shrugs. “I don’t have class tomorrow, is your mom going to be home?” He asks and I think. “Yes.” I say sadly and he smiles. “If she walks in, I will hide.” He says and I kiss his nose. He runs his hand up and down my side and I snuggle up to his chest. He puts his hand on my lower back and scoots me closer and rubs circles on my back until I fall asleep.

The next morning, I wake up and the bed is empty, just me. “Honey, your friends are here.” My mom calls and I get up and put my hair in a bun. Where did Louis go? I go downstairs and answer the door and Alex and Shyann are standing there. “Hey!” I say and they hug me. We go up to my room and we all sit on the bed. “Hello girls.” Louis comes out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist. They look at me and I just stare at him. “Look away or I will drop it.” He says, not even looking at us and we do and he goes back into the bathroom. “What happened?” Shyann asks and I laugh. “Nothing!” I exclaim and they both cross their arms. “Alright, he came over yesterday, we made out, mom came home, found him with his pants unzipped but nothing happened and then he stayed the night.” I say, shrugging. “That is so messed up.” Alex says and I look at her. “Why?” I ask and she stares at me. “His girlfriend just died!” She says and I nod. “I know, I was the one accused of killing her.” I say, narrowing my eyes at her. “Oh, I found something while I was searching her room.” Shyann says and I turn my attention to her and Louis joins us, sitting behind me. “I found a piece of clothing.” She says and I nod. “Do you know what it is of?” I ask but she shakes her head. “I am getting someone to look at it for me.” She says and I nod. “What color is it?” I ask and she thinks back. “White,” she says and I nod. “Thanks.” I say and she smiles. “So, love birds, how has it been?” Alex asks and I look at her. “I don’t know, I thought we it was messed up.” I say and she sighs. “He isn’t even sad.” She says and Louis looks at her. “I am numb, I don’t cry.” He says and she nods. “I am sorry.” She says and I sigh. “It’s alright Alex.” I say, poking her cheek and she smiles. “Mom doesn’t like him.” I say and Shyann laughs. “Well, you are her little girl.” She says and I nod. “I know.” I say and she smiles. “So what are you doing today?” I ask, leaning back on Louis and he wraps his arms around my waist. “Nothing, probably going to go out to eat with the guys, you?” Alex asks and I shrug. “I have to stay in, so probably just watch movies all day.” I say and they glance at Louis. “With me,” he says and they smirk. “Put a movie in.” I say and they laugh and Shyann gets up and pops in a movie and we all lie beside each other and I pull the blanket over us. During the movie, the girls say they need to go and we hug and they leave and I turn and Louis is asleep. I turn off the TV and I lie down and stare at the ceiling. “I love you, Christy.” I turn and Louis is asleep still. I smile and kiss his head which causes him to open his eyes. “What were you dreaming about?” I ask and he shrugs. “I don’t know.” He says and I laugh and he kisses me. “Christy, will you be my girlfriend?” He asks and I bite my lip. “No.” I say, after a while and he stares at me. “Ok.” He says, getting up but I sit up and grab his hand. “Look Louis, I like you, a lot but your girlfriend just died.” I say and he sits down. “I know but I just can’t help it, if I am not around you, I feel lost.” He says and I smile. “That’s sweet.” I say and he looks at me. “It’s true, I love you.” He says and I bite my lip. “I-I love you too.” I say hesitantly and he smiles and kisses me. I kiss him back and then I get up and stretch. “Are you hungry?” I ask and he nods. “I will go find something, stay here.” I say and he nods again and I go downstairs and to the kitchen. “Honey, I have laundry.” My mom yells and I go to her and grab a pile of my folded clothes and go upstairs and throw them at Louis and then I go and get some popcorn and go up to my room and close the door. I set the popcorn on my desk and I turn and Louis is holding a pair of my underwear. “Louis!” I say and he smiles at me. “You threw them at me; I thought it was fair game.” He says and stands up and walks over to me. “No.” I say, picking up the popcorn and Louis picks me up and sets me on the desk and he stands in between my legs. I hand him a piece of popcorn and he eats it. He puts his hands under my legs and rubs them. “Stop, that tickles!” I say, setting the popcorn down and he pulls my legs and I lay backward and Louis leans over me. “Will you stop trying to get into my pants?” I ask and he smiles. “It’s either one night stand or relationship.” He says and I cross my arms. He pulls up my shirt, exposing my stomach and kisses it. “What are you doing?” I ask and he smiles. “Making you choose.” He says and I sigh. “Fine, I will be your girlfriend.” I say and he smiles. He leans down to kiss me and I shove popcorn in his face. I sit up and he goes to the bed and I lie down next to him. I close my eyes and I soon fall asleep.

Authors Note

Hello my lovelies, I hope you liked this chapter. -1D's Diana and 5SOS' Kangaroo and Lou's Carrot;)

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