I am the new girl at the Sega Beta sorority and the leader and I don't get along and her boyfriend bothers me, what happens when something unexpected happens?


11. Chapter 11

Today is Thursday, my court date. I wake my mom up and she hurriedly takes a shower and we leave. When we arrive, we go inside and the judge slaps the ankle bracelet on me and then we sign some papers and then we leave. “I have to go to the store and then to Judy’s house for a while, do you think you will be ok?” She asks and I nod. She drops me off at my house and my bracelet starts beeping and then I walk up the driveway and the light turns green. I roll my eyes and go inside and my phone starts ringing so I answer it. “Hello?” I ask and open my door. “Hi.” Louis’ voice sounds through the speaker. “Hi.” I say back and go inside. “How was court?” He asks and I sigh. “Horrible, I now have an amazing ankle bracelet on my ankle.” I say, sitting on the couch. The line goes silent and I just sit there. “Louis?” I ask and then a pair of arms wrap around me and I gasp and push the person off of me and hitting them. “Calm down, it’s just me.” I turn and Louis is standing there and I sigh. “Don’t sneak up on me like that.” I say and he smiles. “I wanted to surprise you.” He says, stuffing his hands in his jean pockets. “Well you succeeded.” I say and he smiles. “I missed you.” He says and I smile. “Your girlfriend just died and you are here with me, that’s messed up.” I say and he smiles. “You are one bad ass girl for killing her.” He says, smirking and I flip him off. “Don’t even joke about it.” I say and he hugs me. “Alright, tender subject, I am sorry.” He says and I sigh and lay my head against his chest. “It wasn’t me.” I say and he kisses my head. “I know.” He says and I sit down on the couch and he sits with me. “Why aren’t you mourning your lost love anyways?” I ask, turning on the TV. “I don’t know but I am very numb.” He says and I nod. “You are such a heartless man.” I say and he puts his hand over his heart and gasps. “You are so mean!” He says and I laugh. “I am sorry!” I say, hugging him and he slides me on his lap. “Can I get a kiss now?” He asks and I laugh. “Well.” I say, laughing and he starts tickling me. “Louis!” I shout in between laughing fits. He lies me down and then lies on me, tickling me still. “Kiss?” He asks and I smile. “Don’t tickle me again.” I say and he smiles. “Deal,” he says and I put my hands around his neck and kiss him. I wrap my legs around his waist and smile into the kiss. He puts his hands on my bare stomach and inches them up. He is at the hem of my bra and I bite down on his lip. “I like it rough.” He says, winking and I pull his hands out of my shirt and he starts kissing my neck. He pulls his shirt off and I stare up at him. “Nice, isn’t it?” He asks and I laugh. “You are so self centered.” I say, giggling. He smirks and starts kissing me. He tickles my side and I gasp and his tongue slips into my mouth. I bite his tongue and he pulls back. “Ow.” He says and I smirk and push him off of me and start running away and he starts chasing me. “I am going to get you!” He says and I laugh. I start climbing the stairs and he trips me and grabs the top of my pants. “Let go, you are going to pull down my pants!” I shout, laughing and he starts pulling again and I topple backward and onto him. He holds me down on him and I feel his pants grow. “Hey, calm down.” I say, laughing. “It’s your fault.” He says and I laugh again. “You laugh a lot.” He says and I shrug. “Your fault,” I say, smiling and he kisses the tip of my nose. “Can I sleep with you tonight?” He asks and I just laugh. “Um, you may want to rephrase that.” I say and he laughs. “Not like that.” He says and I smile. “I guess.” I say and he smiles. “But I mean, whatever happens, happens.” He says and I roll my eyes and I turn so that my back is against his chest and I start trying to get his arms to unfold. “Let me go!” I say, poking his arms. “Not until I am calmed down.” He says and I laugh. “No one is around, you are fine.” I say, biting his arm. “Ow.” He says and I smile. He finally lets me go and I get up and start giggling. “Big, isn’t it?” He asks and I just cover my eyes. “Louis, bad,” I say, laughing and I open my eyes and he is unzipping his pants. “What are you doing?” I ask and he smiles. “Letting him breathe, calm down.” He says and I laugh. The front door opens and Louis turns and my mom is standing there and she drops her bag. “Who are you?” She asks, staring at Louis. I am so happy he didn’t show me anything. “I am a friend of Christy’s.” He says, looking at me. “Mom, calm down, nothing happened.” I say and he picks up his shirt and waves to me and leaves. “Mom-,” she just puts her hand up and then goes upstairs. My phone starts ringing and I check it and it’s a message from Louis. ‘I will be back tonight;)’ I smile and go up to my room and lay down and accidentally fall asleep. 

Authors Note

Hello my lovelies! Comment what you think? -1D's Diana and 5SOS' Kangaroo and Lou's Carrot;)

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