I am the new girl at the Sega Beta sorority and the leader and I don't get along and her boyfriend bothers me, what happens when something unexpected happens?


10. Chapter 10

I arrive home and I pull out of my stuff out and the officers lead me to the door and ring the doorbell. My mum answers the door and she stares at the officers and then looks at me. “Christy, what’s going on?” She asks, looking back at the officers. “Ma’am, may we come in?” The male officer asks her. “Sure.” She says unsure but opens the screen door and lets us inside. We all go to the living room and sit down and I just stare at the floor. “Ma’am, we regret to inform you that your daughter will be on house arrest for 3 months.” The woman officer says. “May I ask what happened? She was in college.” She says and I could feel her eyes burning a hole through the top of my head. “She killed a student on campus.” The male officer says and she gasps. “She would never.” She says. “Well, it was her.” The male says and then they stand up and pull me up. “Go to court on Thursday.” The female says, uncuffing me. They leave, leaving me with my mother. “Mom, it’s not what it looks like.” I say and she just shakes her head, tears filling her eyes. “I thought you were better than that.” She says and I step closer. “Mom, I didn’t do it, I was exhausted and I fell asleep, everyone just hates me and thought I was trying to take her precious boyfriend so they blamed me!” I say, following her into the kitchen. “Go to the living room.” She says and I go and I pull out my phone and I have a few text messages.

Alex: I know you didn’t do it; these bitches just didn’t want you to stay.

Shyann: I am going to try to find evidence that is wasn’t you, wish me luck.

Louis: I am going to visit you, just tell me when you are alone.

I reply to Alex, saying that it’s fine. I tell Shyann good luck and be careful and I tell Louis ok. I put my phone back in my pocket and stare at my shoes. “Dinner is ready.” My mom calls and I go into the kitchen and I see she cooked my favorite meal, macaroni and cheese and little smokies. “Yum, my favorite,” I say, grabbing a plate and piling macaroni and cheese and smokies on my plate and then I sit at the table. “Mom, don’t treat me different please.” I say and she just stares at her plate as she eats. “I just can’t believe you did that.” She says, looking up at me but not into my eyes. “I didn’t do it mom!” I say and she flinches when I raise my voice. “Honey, please.” She says and I sigh. “It explains why I am not in jail because they don’t have proof that I did it.” I say and she finally looks in my eyes. “Alright, well, welcome home honey.” She says, smiling slightly.

Authors Note

Hello my lovelies, I hope you liked this chapter :) -1D's Diana and 5SOS' Kangaroo and Lou's Carrot;)

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