The Sex Games

Harry. Harry Styles
He said all sweet, I didn't believe him
He was a player and wouldn't love me

What happens when your friends and you play a game called
"The Sex Player"
Where Harry,Niall,Zayn,Liam and Louis try to win over a girl to have sex with her will seine fall in love or just use her for pleaser find out in the Sex Games
Sexual content


9. chapter 8

Harry's P.O.V

I was wondering where Niall and Lily were. I was under a lot of stress with me and Kendal and then Lily. I have to make Kendal believe it is just her but I want Lily too. I was walking out side to get fresh air. I opened the door and seen something that made me so pissed off I wanted to just punch Niall in the face. Only one thing he is lay best friend. I slammed the door and stomped all the way up stairs. I slammed my door and threw a lamp across the room. I know I'm cheating on her with Kendal but she was supposed to be mine not his. I know he has feelings for her though. Should I just stay with Kendal or try to win her back. These are not any games anymore. I walked back downstairs when I cooled off and seen Niall talking to the boys and Lily was sitting on the couch. I went to talk to Lily when she yelled in my face.

"You really think you can hide that from me Styles"

"What are you talking about Lily" I said to her.

"You and that other bitch how long have you been with her 1,2,3 month now oh yeah that's right I don't care you are a piece of shit" she yelled and everyone ran into the living room.

"Lily babe,yo-"

"Don't babe me and by the way are through. I knew you were a player but I didn't know you were a man-whore" she said

That word really hurt me. I did care that she kissed Niall anymore. I walked towards her and just said sorry and walked to my room.

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