The Sex Games

Harry. Harry Styles
He said all sweet, I didn't believe him
He was a player and wouldn't love me

What happens when your friends and you play a game called
"The Sex Player"
Where Harry,Niall,Zayn,Liam and Louis try to win over a girl to have sex with her will seine fall in love or just use her for pleaser find out in the Sex Games
Sexual content


7. chapter 6

Lily's P.O.V

After Truth-or-Dare everyone fell asleep, i slept on Harry's chest and he put his head in the crook of my neck. It was the best way to fall asleep. I wish me and Harry had something but we are just friends but i hope we can become more than that. 

When we woke up i awoke by the smell of bacon, eggs, and pancakes. I was about to wake up Harry but he was not there. I walked into the kitchen and seen all the boys laughing and eating. Niall just stuffed his mouth full of food. Harry still was not there. 

"Where is Harry'? - i asked

"awe she is worried about Harry, well honey he went out"- Niall said

"oh, okay so who made breakfast and what are we doing today"- i asked kinda confused 

"I did and i was going to take you out"- Niall said 

"okay that's cool so, do you have any clothes i can wear"?- i said wanting to get out of the house

"yeah we bought some for you yesterday when you were with Harry"- Liam said

i walked  out and into harry's room. He had two closets and one was full of his and one was full of mine. All the clothes in there only showed 1/4 of my body. How did i know. I put on some booty yoga shorts and a tank top with the arms cut all the way down. I wore my bandu with the shirt and went to the bathroom to but some make up on and brush my hair 

I walked down stairs and walked to the living room where all the boys were and staring at me like i was a model. I just grabbed Niall and walked out the door we hopped into his car and we went to Nondos. When we got there he order half the menu and i just order a salad. When we got done we drove to the movies. He wanted to see "insidious 2" but i hate scary movies. He told me he would cuddle with me so i agreed. I know im dating Harry but does not mean i cant like Niall too. You can call me a slut but i like both of them. During the scariest part of the movie he grabbed me and i cuddled with him till the end of the movie. When it was overt we drove home. We were about to walk iniside when Niall grabbed my arm...... 

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