The Sex Games

Harry. Harry Styles
He said all sweet, I didn't believe him
He was a player and wouldn't love me

What happens when your friends and you play a game called
"The Sex Player"
Where Harry,Niall,Zayn,Liam and Louis try to win over a girl to have sex with her will seine fall in love or just use her for pleaser find out in the Sex Games
Sexual content


11. chapter 10

Harry's P.O.V

All i seen was Lily walking up to Kendall and punching her in the face. We all ran over but her and niall just smiled and she sat back down. I ran up to Kendall who was in the pool. I had to smirked because it was pretty funny. She looked like a circus clown with all the make up washing away. We lifted her up and she sat on the edge of the pool. 

"what happened" - i said 

"i was talking to Lily when she came behind me and punched me in the face"- she said trying to act Innocent.

"what did you say to lily to make her punch you in the face"- liam said kinda angry. 

"I called her a whore for dating styles and that he is mine"- she admitted and i can see why Lily punched her. 

WE ARE THREW! - i  yelled and stormed off.

She walked out if the house and slammed the door and drove off. When I turned around I seen Lily staring at me.

"Glad that bitch is gone" she said and smirked.

"You know what lily why the fuck would you do that you are jealous" i said and stepped closer to her.

"Actually I have a boyfriend and he is the best ever so think. Maybe you are the one being jealous " . She said and turned around when I grabbed her hand and spun her around

"Actually I am jealous Niall had a pretty girl that I don't" I said meaning what I said

"Well just keep getting jealous because me and Niall are in love with each other" she spit back in anger about what I said and I seen from the comer of my eye Niall glaring me like I just murdered some one.

Lily's P.O.V

Harry was yelling when I just broke down and ran over to Niall and hugged him and he cradled me like a baby and we jus walked inside and we just went upstairs to sleep. We cuddled a lot. It's my favorite thing to do with him. He is great at it. And that's when I fell asleep in his arms .


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