A George Weasley Love Story

Mia is a normal witch except that her parents hid a secret from her and her sister Pheme. Their parents died trying to keep them safe but the girls don't know what the secret is. This story follows them through their lives at Hogwarts, with conflict, relationships and the magic.


6. The Quidditch Game

The group made their way to her office to find Cho Chang all ready there. –


McGonagall: What do you think you were doing?

George: Professor…

Mia: It was my fault.

McGonagall: And why was it your fault?

Mia: Because I punched Cho in the face.

McGonagall: Why did you do that?

Mia: Because she aggravated me.

McGonagall: How did you do that Miss Chang?

Cho: By expressing my feelings of how she made me felt.

McGonagall: Did you do that in a comfortable way?

Cho: No.

McGonagall: See there was your fault. Now your punishment will be a week’s detention with Professor Snape. You may leave now.


Cho Chang got up and walked out of the office with a one last glare at Mia. Then Professor McGonagall turned to Mia, Fred, George and Ginny. –


McGonagall: Are you all familiar with the after hours rule?

Fred and George: Yes.

Ginny: Yeah.

Mia: Yes, but…

McGonagall: Miss Shepard silent, I do not wish to punish you any more then I am already.

Mia: Can we please just explain ourselves?

McGonagall: I suppose.

Mia: Well, I was apologizing to these guys for something very important that I had neglected to tell them. This resulted with me being late to Quidditch practice and Cho Chang was furious at me and had called me by my last name so I replied with calling her by her last name resulting in picking taunted and picked on all practice. Then last night she confronted me and called the people I care for very unpleasant names and I retorted with the incorrect response.

McGonagall: What exactly did she say?

Mia: ‘Maybe a whore, that is the daughter of a slut and an alcoholic who killed himself and his wife leaving his whore and his bitch behind. Oh and your boyfriend, he is only using you for sex like the filthy mudblood he is.’ So what I did was I ran and then I bumped into these guys who were out going to the bathroom and I was upset so they took me back to their dorm for a talk. I was very tired and I must have fallen asleep on the coach.

McGonagall: That doesn’t give an alibi for Mr. Weasley.

George: I didn’t want to wake her when I moved so I thought that stay there would be the best idea instead of waking up an upset girl. Of course that might not have been a good idea after all when we woke up we were the talk of the school.

McGonagall: You all seem to check out though a week’s detention with Miss Chang should do the trick.

Mia: Can we leave now professor?

McGonagall: Yes you can.


The group got up and started towards the door. When McGonagall spoke to George. –


McGonagall: Oh and Mr. Weasley, in your shoes I would have done the same thing.

George: Okay.


They all got out without another word from Professor McGonagall. –


George: Thank you for saving our arses in their Mia.

Mia: No problem. After my past you begin to become a natural at lying.

George: Well its Sunday what are we going to do?

Mia: Well Ginny is going to come back to my dorm with me so I can get ready.

Ginny: I am?

George: Ready for what?

Mia: The Quidditch game between us.

Fred: Merlin’s Beard is that today?

Mia: Yes. Come on Ginny. See you boys on the pitch.


Mia and Ginny said their good byes to the twins and made their way to Ravenclaw Tower where as the boys made their way to the Gryffindor part of the Pitch. –


Ginny: Why did I have to come with you?

Mia: Because I have to tell you a couple of things because you seem to be the only one coping with everything lately.

Ginny: What about yesterday?

Mia: Shush.

Ginny: Okay, so what is first?

Mia: Finding my clothes.

Ginny: Really?

Mia: Yes, I need my tights and singlet then my sneakers.

Ginny: I found the sneakers.

Mia: I have my singlet.

Ginny: I suppose these are the tights?

Mia: Yes.


Mia ran into the bathroom and had a quick shower and came back out with the clothes on and she was still towel drying her hair. –


Ginny: Why don’t you use magic to dry your hair?


Ginny got up off the bed she had sat on and pulled her wand out and began drying Mia’s hair until it turned white. Ginny jumped back in surprise. –


Mia: Ginny, I’m a…

Ginny: Metamorphmagus.

Mia: I didn’t want to tell you because I didn’t want you guys to look of my differently.

Ginny: But we know somebody who is a Metamorphmagus; Nymphadora Tonks.

Mia: Yeah she is my Aunt.

Ginny: Really? But people who aren’t Metamorphmagus are more likely to have children who are.

Mia: Yeah I know it is a curse that was placed on my family with my great grandmother Tonks.

Ginny: Wow.

Mia: Yeah.


Mia shook her head and she began to cry letting her hair turn to blue. –


Ginny: I guess blue means sad?

Mia: Yeah.

Ginny: Is there anything else I need to know?

Mia: Yeah, I think I love your brother.

Ginny: Crap.





























George: Where in Merlin’s name is Mia?

Fred: Maybe she is still getting ready.

George: Well she said she would meet us on the pitch.

Fred: Maybe she meant during the match.


As Fred said that Mia came running around the corner with pink hair with blue streaks. She ran into George’s arms. –


Mia: George I need to tell you a couple of things.

George: What are they?

Mia: One I haven’t been completely honest until I tell you something.

Fred: Can I know?

Mia: Yes.

Fred: Mia have you dyed your hair?

Mia: No I am a Metamorphmagus.

George: Really?

Mia: Yes, there was a curse placed on my family back when my great grandmother was young and it has been passed down every generation.

George: Which family is that?

Mia: Tonks.

Fred: What?

Mia: I am Nymphadora’s niece.

George: She doesn’t like being called that.

Mia: I know.

George: What was the other thing you wanted to tell me?

Mia: Well…


Mia’s hair turned a pink and yellow ombre. –


George: What do these colors mean?

Mia: Yellow means happy and pink means…in love.

George: Excuse me?

Mia: George I love you.


Mia and George then moved in for a long kiss, and when they broke apart they weren’t alone. The Ravenclaw and Gryffindor teams were there. –


Cho: Well, well look who it is.
Mia: An Asian Bitch.

Cho: Whoa, looky here big mouth is talking.

George: Cho Chang leave us alone.

Cho: Why would I want to do that?

George: Because you wouldn’t want Mia to get angry.

Mia: Yeah why don’t you listen to George?

Cho: Because I reckon I can follow my own instincts.

Mia: Why is that?

Cho: Because my gut says that I can take you and still get Potter.


Harry was now in earshot and he heard everything that Cho Chang had said. –


Harry: I don’t think so.

Cho: Oh Harry, what do you mean?

Harry: You have no chance in getting me.

Cho: Oh why not?

Harry: Because Mia told me everything.

Cho: Oh and by everything you mean?

Harry: About you acting differently around me so that you can try and get into my pants and then you can get me in Azkaban while you have my child?

Cho: How dare you Shepard?

Mia: Oh I dare.

Cho: Well then how about I let about a couple of secrets of hers.

Mia: Don’t you dare Cho Chang?

Cho: Oh I dare. Potter her parents had sent for the Order the night of your parent’s death. Her parents were being killed as well so that they could get to Mia and her sister, this was used as a distraction so then You-Know-Who could get your mother. Your father was warned and then they were murdered because your father didn’t get back in time to save you and your mother.

Harry: Is that true?

Mia: Harry I’m so sorry. I was choosing the right time to tell you.

Harry: Gryffindor lets leave these traitors and liars.


Harry motioned for the Gryffindor team to leave so that they could get ready to start the match.  George walked over to Mia. –


George: Don’t worry; we will knock some sense into him.

Mia: Thank you so much, and I am so sorry that I didn’t tell you.

George: We understand now.

Harry: George, get over here!


George shared a quick kiss with Mia before he ran over to Harry. –


This is going to be an interesting match.


The Bludger came racing for him and he then hit it with the bat and it went racing towards Cho Chang, George knew that if Mia really wanted to get her back she would leave it but she didn’t. Mia went flying towards the Bludger and hit is so it went soaring towards Angelina, George saw Fred go flying for the Bludger and saved Angelina. Fred hadn’t directed the Bludger and it was flying towards Harry; the Gryffindor Seeker. George flew as fast as he could towards Harry and made it just in time to save him and he had enough time to hit it towards the Ravenclaw Keeper; Grant Page. Mia made it in time to hit it back towards Katie Bell; George made his way towards the Bludger and hit it towards Cho Chang. Mia and the other Beater Jason weren’t close enough to Cho at the time and missed the save. Cho was thrown off her broom Mia unexpectedly flew and caught Cho right before she hit the ground, Mia then let her get off safely then returned to the game. During this time George wanted to end the game so he began taking some risky moves; by not directing the Bludger at anything and by purposely missing it. Jason swung his bat and hit the Bludger at Harry and George had left it until he saw that Harry had almost caught the Snitch so just in the nick of time George reached the Bludger and swung his bat, and Harry caught the Snitch allowing Gryffindor to win.


Harry is going to kill me. Crap.


Harry: George! What in Merlin’s name were you thinking?

George: Sorry I was distracted.

Harry: Shepard catching the other traitor distracted you.

George: You do realize that Mia was trying her hardest to keep it from you because it was her parent’s fault and she knew you react like this. She was thinking of a way to tell you so that you wouldn’t react in this way, it was the Orders fault if you want to blame anyone.

Harry: How was it the Orders fault?

George: They thought that Mia and Pheme were more important than you and your family.

Harry: How?

George: I don’t know and neither does Mia but trust me she doesn’t want to ruin the friendship you guys have.

Harry: But…

George: Sorry Harry but I have to go and see my girlfriend.


-George walked away and made his way to the Great Hall entrance to wait for Mia. He saw her and she was walking with Luna. –


Luna: Just blame the Nargels they are usually to blame.


Luna smiled at George and then walked past him into the Great Hall. –


George: What are Nargels?

Mia: Nothing you need to worry about.


George grabbed Mia around the waist and pulled her close, Mia wrapped her arms around George’s neck and looked into his eyes. –


George: Have I ever told you that you have the most gorgeous eyes that I have seen?

Mia: No you haven’t.

George: Well Mia Shepard you have the most gorgeous eyes that I have ever seen.

Mia: Thank you.


Mia smiled and blushed; she dropped her head and looked down. George took his hand and put it under her chin and lifted her head up so he could see her face again. –


George: Mia guess what?

Mia: What?

George: I love you.


George kissed her and she kissed back, it wasn’t like any of their other kisses; rough and sexy. It was more like a passionate but sweet and cute kiss. They eventually pulled away. –


Mia: I love you too George Weasley.

George: I know.


George looked over Mia’s head and he saw Hermione and Ron walk past them into the Great Hall and then he saw Harry walk around the corner. –


Harry: Mia?

Mia: Harry?

Harry: I thought I would apologies for what I did and said to you earlier.

George: Why weren’t you walking with Ron and Hermione?

Harry: I don’t want anything to do with me until I apologies for what I did.

Mia: What?

Harry: They don’t agree with how I reacted.

George: That is understandable.

Harry: Please Mia I want to know more about that night.

Mia: I only remember a snippet.

Harry: Anything, please?

Mia: Maybe after the Ball and the second task so then you can enjoy yourself.

Harry: Thank you Mia.

Mia: That is okay.


Harry moved closer and gave Mia a hug and she responded with a hug. Harry then walked into the Great Hall. –


Mia: What did you do George?

George: Just knocked some sense into him.

Mia: Hopefully not with a Bludger?

George: No.

Mia: What you did in the match was very dangerous.

George: With Cho or Harry?

Mia: With Harry, you could have lost your seeker.

George: Yeah well it would have been for you.

Mia: Yeah because that makes me feel so much better about myself.


Mia playfully punched George in the arm and her stomach rumbled. –


Mia: Maybe we should get some food.

George: I have seen you eat. Are you sure you aren’t a Weasley?

Mia: Definitely. Why?

George: Because with an appetite like that you could easily pass as one.

Mia: Well at least we know that in the future I will fit in with you family.

George: You plan on being around that long?

Mia: Maybe.


Mia snuck in one more kiss and she then ran into the Great Hall. –


She is amazing and I am in love with her. How?


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