A George Weasley Love Story

Mia is a normal witch except that her parents hid a secret from her and her sister Pheme. Their parents died trying to keep them safe but the girls don't know what the secret is. This story follows them through their lives at Hogwarts, with conflict, relationships and the magic.


11. The Happy Ever After...Finally

2 years later:


Mia looked at herself in the mirror and smiled as she saw the huge white wedding dress hug her body. –


Just another hour and I will be Mrs. Mia Weasley.


Behind her in the mirror she saw Ginny walk up behind her and smile. –


Ginny: So how are you feeling?

Mia: Nervous.

Ginny: Good.

Mia: Why?

Ginny: It will make it better if you are nervous.

Mia: What?

Ginny: You’re funny when you’re nervous.


Great, another butterfly to add to my stomach.


Pheme: Mia, are you okay?

Mia: No, not really.

Pheme: Why not?

Mia: Because I’m scared I’m going to mess something up.

Ginny: We have been through that before Mia. You were never scared as a Shepard and being a Weasley should make you less scared.

Mia: Thank you but this is different then a ball.

Pheme: Exactly why you should be braver.

Mia: I don’t understand.

Ginny: You don’t have too just go with it.

Mia: Okay?


Molly walked into the room and stared at Mia and begun crying again. She had walked out before because she was crying. Mia walked over to her and hugged her. –


Mia: Mom, please stop crying.

Molly: I cant.

Mia: Why not?

Molly: I had to try six times before I had a daughter and now I didn’t have to do anything and I have another daughter.

Mia: Thank you mom.

Molly: I knew that when I told you to call me mom it would be the right thing.

Mia: Yeah.


Arthur walked into the room with a smile and grabbed his arms around Molly and kissed her then walked over to Mia and kissed her on the forehead and hugged her. –


Arthur: Are you ready to go?

Mia: I guess I will have to go weather I am or not.

Arthur: I guess so.

Molly: All right girls I have to go now but Diana, Cherry and Victorie you girls go first. Then Ginny, Luna, Hermione, Fleur, Lola and Pheme. Then Teddy you can go and then finally Arthur will walk Mia down the isle. Good luck.


Molly nearly skipped out of the room and out the window they saw her take her seat and the music began. The flower girls Diana, Cherry and Victorie walked down the isle in soft pink dresses with a bright pink bow. Then the Bridesmaids walked down the isle in soft pink dresses with their hair braided and in a bun. Then Mia walked down the isle with Arthur. Mia saw George standing at the end of the isle with his best man; Ron and the others; Harry, Lee, Bill, Charlie and Percy. –


This is the best day in the world.



Mia’s Hair

 Mia’s Dress


 Bridesmaids Hair

 Bridesmaids Dress

 Flower Girl Hair

 Flower Girl Dress




I saw Mia walk out of the house; she had specifically chosen the Burrow because she wanted to be, as close to the people she loved. She was ecstatic when Lavender had agreed with being the priest. She was dressed in a long white dress. The dress was beautiful; the top part started at her neck in lace, the chest part was of white lace with, then the bottom was silk underneath but then over the top had the white lace cover it. Her hair was blonde and was in an up do with a pink fascinator. I watched her smile grow as she came closer and closer, dad was nearly in tears and looking over at mom she was still crying.


Arthur: Here you go son take your wife.

George: Thank you dad. Mia you look stunning.

Mia: Thanks; you don’t look to bad yourself.

Lavender: Now, before we begin does anybody feel that this couple should not be married, if not forever hold your peace.


Nobody said anything or moved. –


Lavender: Now, let us begin. George Weasley do you take Mia Shepard as your lawfully wedded wife?

George: I do.

Lavender: Mia Shepard do you take George Weasley as your lawfully wedded husband?

Mia: I do?

Lavender: George do you take Mia to hold and to take care of in health and in illness?

George: I do.

Lavender: Mia do you take George to hold and to take care of in health and in illness?

Mia: I do.

Lavender: George do you take her to love her forever through pain and through happiness?

George: I do.

Lavender: Mia do you take him to love him forever through pain and through happiness?

Mia: I do.

Lavender: Then in the name of Merlin, George present Mia with the gift of your love.


Teddy was the ring bearer and gave George the ring to place on Mias finger. –


Lavender: Mia now you may present George with the gift of your love.


Teddy gave Mia the ring for George and she placed it on Georges finger. –


Lavender: With the power invested to me by Merlin I now pronounce you husband and wife.

George: Can I kiss her now?

Lavender: Yes, you may kiss your wife.


George grabbed Mia and then lifted her up and kissed her passionately and didn’t want to let her go. Though they were broken apart when the families came running up to them. –


I can hear what Fred would say if he was here ‘You are no longer a lone wolf Georgie, you finally did the right thing.’


Molly: George?

George: Yes mom.

Molly: Are you and Mia going straight way for your honeymoon?

George: Well, we aren’t exactly going on a honeymoon.

Molly: Excuse me?

George: We have saved up enough money and are going travelling with Fred.

Molly: That is wonderful.

George: Mia knows that something is up but doesn’t know exactly what it is.

Molly: Really?

George: Yes, why?

Molly: Well apparently you talk in your sleep and she is looking forward to Paris.

George: That’s our first stop and I wanted to go there because it’s the city of love and I knew that she wanted to go there because she has been talking to Fleur about it.

Molly: Well I know that she is going to love it there and wherever else you are going.

George: I hope so mom.


Molly kissed George softly on the forehead and walked away just as Harry, Ron and Percy approached him with their babies in their arms. –


Percy: I can’t believe my brother George Weasley is married.

Ron: Me neither.

Harry: I knew George had to make things right with Mia one day.

George: Thank you for your enthusiasm about my life.

Percy: Don’t worry Mia will take care of you.

Harry: I think he already knows that.

Ron: You’ll just have to make a lot of food all the time.

George: I’m sure Italy will be good then.

Percy: So you are going a head with it?

George: Yes.

Percy: I’m proud of you George.


The trio walked away with their babies when Fred walked up to George. –


Fred: Dad?

George: Yes Fred.

Fred: Can we tell mom yet?

George: Yes.

Fred: Yay.


George picked Fred up and walked over to Mia where her friends and their children surrounded her. It seemed that everyone became clucky at the same time. George out Fred back on the ground and grabbed Mia around the waist and kissed her on the neck. –


George: Mia, I have a surprise to tell you.

Mia: What can you surprise me with now?

George: Our honeymoon that isn’t a real honeymoon.

Mia: I though we were going to Paris?

George: We are for four months. Then we go to Italy for two months, Romania for two months, Ireland for two months, America for two months and then Germany for three months.

Mia: Merlin’s beard George you did this without me knowing?

George: Yes…?

Mia: You’re the best husband I could ever ask for.

George: I’m glad you’re happy.


Mia had run into George’s arms, hugged him and then kissed him passionately. –




Molly: Are you sure you are ready for this?

George: Mom, we have everything and we even have the mobile thing.

Arthur: That way we can keep in touch.

Fred: Why can’t we use an owl?

Mia: So the muggles aren’t weird around us.

Fred: Okay.

George: Bye mom, dad and everyone else.

Mia: Bye Pheme, Diana, Ginny, mom and dad.

Everyone: Bye.

This is definitely the start of a great adventure. With Mia the love of my life and our beautiful son.

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