A George Weasley Love Story

Mia is a normal witch except that her parents hid a secret from her and her sister Pheme. Their parents died trying to keep them safe but the girls don't know what the secret is. This story follows them through their lives at Hogwarts, with conflict, relationships and the magic.


5. The Confrontation


Mia couldn’t be happier with her life, she had a loving and caring boyfriend, she had great friends and she didn’t want to keep secrets anymore so then next place she went was the dungeons to find Pheme. –


Mia: Pheme we need to talk.

Pheme: Funny I was about to say the same thing.

Mia: I’m sorry about what happened last night it’s just that Luna found me and I needed to tell someone.

Pheme: Yeah so you go and tell the first random person you know?

Mia: I’m sorry I didn’t come and tell you, but you never wanted to talk about it.

Pheme: I thought we could just forget it.

Mia: We cant forget our past we can only carry on with the future.


Pheme began to cry so Mia moved over and gave her a hug. –


Mia: Don’t worry mom told me to look after you and will do exactly that.

Pheme: How? We are hardly going to see each other during the next few days.

Mia: Why?

Pheme: Because there is a Quidditch game tomorrow between Ravenclaw and Gryffindor, then it’s the second test, and then it’s the Yule Ball.

Mia: Wow, it is too. Well I better be off so I can practice.

Pheme: Okay, see you when I see you.


Mia gave Pheme one last hug and walked off up the stairs. Mia made her way to the Quidditch pitch and she saw, Harry, Fred and George standing on one side. Then Cho and the other Ravenclaw’s over the other side. Mia had to walk all the way over the other side so she cold train. –


Cho: You’re late.

Mia: Sorry, I had family issues.

Cho: Don’t ever be late again Shepard.

Mia: Back on last name bases okay Chang.


Mia new it was the wrong thing to do but it was worth it, she got picked on for the rest of the training session. –


Cho: Shepard, more speed. Nope now you are too fast. My Grandma could fly a broom better then you. Don’t keep flying stay still and look.


When the training session was over Mia went straight back to the Common Room so she could get changed and showered for the feast. –


Luna: Mia, come sit here.

Mia: Hi Luna, now about the other night.

Luna: I realize maybe I wasn’t the person you should have told.

Mia: Yeah.

Luna: But things always happen for a reason.

Mia: Yeah, okay.

Luna: What has gotten better since we spoke?

Mia: My relationship with my friends, George and my sister.

Luna: What hasn’t gotten better?

Mia: My ‘relationship’ with Cho Chang.

Luna: Why?

Mia: I nearly lost out on being in on tomorrows Quidditch game.

Luna: Maybe you shouldn’t play Quidditch tomorrow.

Mia: Why would I do that?

Luna: Well if you weren’t supposed to do it then there must be a reason.

Mia: Okay, but I could never give up my Quidditch.

Luna: Okay, but just remember what I said.

Mia: Okay.


And with that strange conversation over Mia gave into her hunger and swooped into the food like a starving Weasley. The Weasley’s had previously checked that she herself wasn’t a fellow Weasley. After the feast Mia said her goodbyes to everyone and left to the Ravenclaw tower with Luna, when they got there she was confronted by Cho Chang. –


Cho: Who the hell do you think you are?

Mia: Mia Shepard, the daughter of two people who were savagely murdered, the sister of Pheme Shepard and the girlfriend of the legendary George Weasley?

Cho: Oh really?


Cho Chang moved closer and pushed Mia, Mia pushed back. –


Mia: Yeah, what else could I be?

Cho: Maybe a whore, that is the daughter of a slut and an alcoholic who killed himself and his wife leaving his whore and his bitch behind. Oh and your boyfriend, he is only using you for sex like the filthy mudblood he is.


That pushed Mia over the edge she punched Cho Change square on the nose, she was pretty sure she had broken it so she ran out of the Ravenclaw Common room and ran. She stopped running when she came across Mrs. Norris and was when she dived into a broom cupboard, where she found Fred and George. –


Mia: What are you doing here?

Fred: We were getting away from Filch.

Mia: Okay, why are you out of bed?

George: We were setting up a prank.

Fred: Why are you out of bed?

Mia: Because I think I broke Cho Chang’s nose.

George: WHAT!?

Fred: Shh.


The trio could hear footsteps outside the door and it took their inner selves to stop them from laughing at what Mia said. When they new the coast was clear they piled out of the broom cupboard and made their way to the Gryffindor Common room. –



George: Why did you punch her in the face?

Mia: Because she called me a whore, said that my mom was a slut and was killed by my dad and that Pheme was a bitch.

Fred: Did she say anything about George?

Mia: Well she said he was using me for sex and…

George: What?

Mia: She called you a filthy Mudblood.


At that moment Ginny came stumbling down the stairs. –

Ginny: What’s going on?

Fred: Mia punch Cho in the face.

Ginny: Really? Why?

Mia: Because she said a couple of rude things about the people I love.

Ginny: What a bitch. Well you are welcome to stay here the night.

Mia: Okay, thank you.

Ginny: See you in the morning.

Mia: Night.



Mia and George sat down on the couch after Ginny left and snuggled together. –


Fred: I would join you but I don’t want to be the third wheel.

Mia: I’m so sorry.

Fred: Nah its okay I would rather be in my bed anyways.

George: You sure Freddie.

Fred: Sure am. Goodnight.

George: Sleep tight.

Mia: Don’t let the Nargels bite.

Fred: What are Nargels?

Mia: Um…just forget it, night.


Fred made his way up the stairs and into his nice and cozy bed, but Mia and George fell asleep on the couch. In the morning everybody crowing around them woke them up. –


Seamus: See I told you they liked each other.

Dean: Didn’t think this would happen for a long time.

Padma: Aren’t they just adorable.

Pavarti: They are just the sweetest things.

George: All right, move it. Now Mia we have to get you back with out anyone seeing.

Mia: Bu everyone will know because of Cho Chang.

George: True.


Mia waited for George to get changed and then Fred, George, Ginny and herself made their way to the Ravenclaw Common Room with a crowd gawking at them. -


People: I didn’t think we were allowed. You’d think Dumbledore had done something. There not right for each other. I heard she punched Cho Chang with out a reason. Awesome.



They were legends for those few moments until they didn’t see Professor McGonagall coming from behind them. –


McGonagall: Mr. Weasley, Mr. Weasley, Miss Weasley and Miss Shepard to my office now!


Sorry guys this chapter is short as well. Its only because i have only had limited time lately so i'm trying to fit so much in only a small amount of time. Though the next few chapters are going to be big, I promise. Hope you enjoy :) ex oh ex oh

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