A George Weasley Love Story

Mia is a normal witch except that her parents hid a secret from her and her sister Pheme. Their parents died trying to keep them safe but the girls don't know what the secret is. This story follows them through their lives at Hogwarts, with conflict, relationships and the magic.


8. The Battle Of Hogwarts

3 years later – The Battle Of Hogwarts:


Mia sat in the Room of Requirement with her friends; Ginny Weasley, Luna Lovegood, Seamus Finnigan, Dean Thomas, Padma Patil, Parvati Patil, her boyfriend Cormac McClaggan and others waiting for Neville’s return. She had been dating Cormac ever since George and Fred left in year 5, she never thought she would fall in love with someone other then the legendary George Weasley. After a couple minutes Neville walked through the painting and following behind him were Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ronald Weasley. The trio had been treading around England looking for things, they had been on the entire wanted posters but the people in the room were all happy to see the trio. –


Harry: Hi.

Ginny: Harry!


Ginny jumped into Harry’s arms and gave him a hug. –


Neville: What’s the plan Harry?

Harry: I don’t want you guys to do this.

Luna: Too late Harry.

Hermione: Harry, Luna is right you can’t do this alone.

Harry: Fine, do we have an Order anymore?

Neville: We can get a notice to them for them to get here?

Harry: Brilliant.

Neville: Seamus?

Seamus: On it.


Seamus ran over to the radio and called for the Order. After a few minutes they turned up; Remus Lupin, Nymphadora Tonks, Mad-eye Moody, Shaklebot, Arthur Weasley, Molly Weasley, Percy Weasley, Fred Weasley and… George Weasley. Mia ran up to Remus and Tonks and gave them hugs. -


Mia: It’s so good to see you guys.

Tonks: It’s good to see you as well. I think you are going to have so much fun when you meet Teddy.

Mia: What a gorgeous name.

Lupin: It was all Tonks.


Lupin and Tonks smiled at each other and shared a quick kiss. Mia chose this moment to allow her eyes to wonder over to George, and there he was staring at her as well. Though he wasn’t staring at her with passion, happiness or regret but with anger, sadness and hatred. –


I guess he hasn’t forgotten nor has he forgiven.


Tonks: Mia?

Mia: Yes.

Tonks: Students have been ordered to the Great Hall. You had better go.

Ginny: Mia!

Mia: Yeah?

Ginny: They are splitting the houses up.

Mia: Crap.

Ginny: I know.

Mia: Dean! Seamus!

Dean: Yeah Mia?

Seamus: What?

Mia: I need you two to look after Ginny and do not let her out of your sight.

Dean: Absolutely.

Seamus: Yes.

Mia: Thank you.


Mia shared a quick hug with Dean and Seamus and then a long hug with Ginny. –


Mia: Ginny. Go with the boys, I will find you later.

Ginny: Okay. Bye.

Mia: Bye.

Luna: Mia come one.

Mia: Okay.


Mia and Luna were marched down to the Great Hall behind the Gryffindor students; Mia could see that Ginny was constantly looking back at her. –


Snape: Now, we have had rumors of Harry Potter being in Hogsmeade.

Students: What? Really? Harry Potter?

Snape: Silence. Now I am under the suspicion that he is here and I wish for any student or teacher to give him up.

Harry: I think your protection isn’t very good Snape.


Harry stepped out of the group of Gryffindor students and the large doors behind them opened to reveal the Order. Snape tried attacking Harry but Professor McGonagall protected him and attacked Snape forcing him to leave like the rest of the Death Eaters. –


Harry: Thank you Professor.

McGonagall: I have been waiting to do that.


Then a voice shot through the air. –


Voldemort: I see that Harry Potter has returned to Hogwarts. How lovely. He returned so that you could all die for him, so brave. If you give him to me before the strike of midnight I will forget about the war we are in and spare you all your lives, if you don’t I will kill you all. You have until midnight…


Pansy: There he is get him.


The Slytherins all began walking towards Harry with their wands pointing at him, but Ginny jumped in front of him to protect him. Then the rest of the school was in front of him to protect him. –


McGonagall: Mr. Filch please escort Miss Parkinson and the rest of the Slytherins to the Dungeons.

Harry: Thank you Professor.

McGonagall: Any time Potter. Now how much of that do you need?

Harry: As much as you can spare.

McGonagall: Done.


Harry, Ron and Hermione all ran out of the Great Hall and where followed by Mr. Filch. –


McGonagall: Now everyone who wishes to fight find a position around the school, those who do not won’t to fight. Hide.


After she said that students and teachers were racing in every direction, Mia and Ginny had started for the doors when Molly and George stood in their way. -


Molly: Ginny go to the room of requirement, I don’t want you fighting.

Ginny: Mom?

George: Ginny. Listen to mom.

Ginny: I’m going wherever Mia is.

George: Fine. Take Shepard with you.

Mia: My name is Mia, not Shepard.

Ginny: Come on Mia. Lets go.


Mia and Ginny ran to the Room of Requirement and sat in there on the couch that was provided. –


Ginny: I can’t believe this. I am graduating at the end of next year and I cant fight in the battle.

Mia: Molly is just being a mom.

Ginny: Yeah but she cant protect me all my life.

Mia: She can try.

Ginny: I really want to go.

Mia: I know, but if I wasn’t here you would be off and nobody would be able to protect you.

Ginny: Thank you. I guess George still hasn’t gotten over what happened.

Mia: Its okay.

Ginny: It really isn’t, he had no right to talk to you like that.

Mia: But he did and its in the past now.


A bang on the door caused Mia to jump up; she pushed Ginny behind her and opened the door. It was Harry, Ron and Hermione. –


Harry: We need you guys to leave the room. We need it for a couple of minutes.

Ginny: Fine with me.


With that Ginny ran off down the hall and Mia ran after her. –


Mia: Ginny, get back here.


Mia had lost Ginny and turned the corner to come face to face with a Death Eater. –

Mia: Stupefy!

Dean: Mia?

Mia: Dean!


Mia ran up to Dean who was being attacked by the Death Eater that Mia had attacked and hugged him. –


Mia: Want to work together?

Dean: Definitely.

Mia: All right lets go.


Mia and Dean worked well together they had saved a lot of people and were making their way into the larger areas of attack. Dean had run off to help Seamus and Cormac had found Mia and they were going off in another direction. –


Cormac: Look there’s Ginny.

Mia: Come on lets help her.


Ginny was in the middle of 5 Death Eaters that had surrounded her, Mia ran up and attacked one that wasn’t suspecting it and Cormac hit another. Ginny was able to handle one and Mia attacked one as the last one disappeared, Cormac thought he was safe but the last Death Eater had circled around behind him. He was disarmed and ran off screaming into the battlefield, Mia was aware of this as she was still fighting with the other Death Eater. The Death Eater behind her was walking up to her and didn’t want to lose another enemy so he was going to kill her. Fred saw this and knew this so when the light began to spurt from the Death Eaters wand he dived over to Mia and covered her body with his. –


Voldemort: I am feeling generous so I will give you an hour to mourn your dead and to refresh yourself. I will expect Harry Potter to find me during that time.


Mia: Fred!

Ginny: Fred!


The Death Eaters apparated and Mia and Ginny sat next to Fred’s body crying as they looked at him. –


Dean: Mia is that you?

Mia: Dean get Molly.

Dean: Mia?



Dean ran off and found Molly and Arthur Weasley and brought them to Mia and Ginny. They took one look at Fred’s body and bursted out sobbing. Mia stood up feeling that it wasn’t her scene so she began to walk away. But Dean stood in her path and he held his arms open. –


Dean: Mia?

Mia: Yes…

Dean: Lets go inside.

George: I wouldn’t do that.


George had turned up without Mia noticing and she pulled herself out of Dean’s arms to look at him. –


Mia: Why not?

George: Because after Fred’s death I don’t think you need to see another familiar blank face.

Mia: Who died?

George: Lots of people.

Mia: Who has died?

George: I think you should see that for yourself. Dean take her inside.

Dean: Okay.


Dean put his arm around her and pulled her inside. Mia looked at all the faces of the fallen until her eyes fell upon two people she didn’t want to see there; Remus and Tonks. –

Mia: NO!

Dean: Mia.

Mia: They can’t be gone. What about Teddy?
Dean: I’m sure they will find a place for him.

Mia: I can’t be here.


George and Percy were bringing Fred’s body inside and laid him next to Remus and Tonks. Mia refused to look at George; she just stood up and ran out of the Hall. She ran to the Black Lake and sat down and sobbed; she sobbed for Tonks, Remus, Fred, Pavarti, her mom, her dad, she sobbed for everyone. She heard footsteps behind her and she jumped up and pulled her wand out; it was George. –



George: Still running away from your problems as usual.

Mia: I don’t run away from my problems.

George: No you usually run after them.

Mia: Yeah.

George: I’m sorry about Tonks and Remus.

Mia: I’m sorry about Fred.

George: What…what happened?

Mia: Didn’t Ginny tell you?

George: She hasn’t said anything.

Mia: I ran out with Cormac to help Ginny who had been surrounded by five Death Eaters, I attacked and so did Cormac but I don’t know what happened to him. All I know is that I turned around to have Fred dive over me and then I moved him and he was…dead.

George: So he saved you for me.

Mia: Excuse me?

George: He new I still loved you and he knew that if you died you would never know and he would risk his life for his brother and for the girl his brother loved.

Mia: You still love me?

George: Yes.


George grabbed her face and moved closer ready to kiss her when he was attacked from behind. –


Cormac: You get the hell away from my girlfriend.

George: The girlfriend that you ran away from and lacked to save her when my brother risked his life to save her and was killed in the process.

Cormac: It was all part of my plan.

Mia: What your plan was to kill Fred?

Cormac: No my plan was to fake fear and to come back and conquer.

Mia: Bullshit.

Cormac: No it’s true. And if Weasley over there touches you again, both of the twins will be dead.

Mia: Fuck that. McClaggan if you touch the man I love you will be dead.

Cormac: Fine.


With that Cormac was gone and Mia and George were alone again…or were they. –


George: You dated McClaggan?

Mia: Well…

Fred: Will you two shut up about the ex’s and just kiss already?

George: Fred is that you?

Fred: Yep and if you two don’t kiss I will have died in vain.

Mia: So you’re a ghost now?

Fred: It seems that way.

George: Freddie. I’m sorry.

Fred: I know you are Georgie, but I will not have the girl my brother loves dead.

George: Thank you.

Mia: I didn’t mean to do this.

Fred: Mia it wasn’t your fault it was my choice and if you two cant get that through your heads maybe I will have to come and haunt you.

George: Okay.

Mia: Yep.

Fred: I have to go now but I will see you two again.

George: Bye Freddie.

Mia: Bye.

Fred: Bye…


George and Mia looked at each other and then they were kissing, they were oblivious to what was going on around them until they heard Voldemort. Then they ran to the front of the school. –


Voldemort: Harry Potter is dead!

Ginny: NO!

Voldemort: Shut up you stupid girl. Now I will allow you to choose if you want to join me and I will let you live.

Lucius: Draco!


Draco forced himself to make his way out of the crowd and into Voldemort’s arms and when he was released he ran to his parents. –


Voldemort: Anyone will be welcomed with open arms.


Neville stepped forward and a gasp rippled through the school. –


Voldemort: Well I was expecting someone else but this will do. What’s your name?

Neville: Neville Longbottom and I only wanted to say something.

Voldemort: Go ahead.

Neville: Even though Harry is dead he still lives in side us in our hearts. We can’t give up now we can’t let Remus, Tonks or Fred die in vain.


The Neville pulled the sword of Gryffindor out and tried to attack Voldemort but he was shot backwards and knocked out, Harry then jumped out of Hagrids arms and ran into the school. Then it was hectic; Mia and George ran to Ginny who had run into the Great Hall to get away from the Death Eaters. When George and Mia entered the Great Hall followed by Molly they found Ginny-attacking Bellatrix. –


Ginny: Everte Statum!


Bellatrix shot back wards and Ginny passed out on the floor, George and Molly ran to her but Mia walked past her and towards Bellatrix who had already gotten up and was ready to attack. –


Bellatrix: Ah Little Mia. How are you?

Mia: I will be okay in a couple of minutes.

Bellatrix: Why then?

Mia: Because you will be dead.


Mia and Bellatrix shot backwards and forwards attacking and defending until Molly shot a spell at Bellatrix giving Mia the opening she needed, she had a spell ready for the right moment and here it was. –

Mia: Expelliarmus!

Bellatrix: Why are you doing this?

Mia: Because you killed my parents.

Bellatrix: And I kill people everyday.

Mia: I want to know why.

Bellatrix: Well it’s because you can control the elements without a wand.

Mia: And?

Bellatrix: The Dark Lord wanted a follower so that he could be stronger.

Mia: Thank you. Now goodbye.

Bellatrix: Someone will come looking for you.

Mia: Avada Kedava!


Mia walked back over to where Ginny was and sat next to her after a couple of minutes Ginny began to stir. –


Mia: How are you Ginny?

Ginny: I’m okay.

Mia: That’s good.

Ginny: Come on I need to get up I cant let us be unprotected.

Mia: Don’t worry George and your mom are here. And you sounded so grown up just then.

Ginny: Well you have always seen me as a little sister and sometimes I think you forget that we have grown up together and I am grown up now. And that we have gone through so much this past year and you have always been there to look after me even when my brothers aren’t there.

Mia: I guess I do forget sometimes, it’s so hard to look at you and see a girl who has grown up and isn’t the same little girl.

Luna: It’s finished. The war has finished.

Molly: Come on you lot lets go and see the others.


Molly wrapped her arms around Ginny and Mia and George followed close behind her hand in hand. They walked outside to help people inside with injuries and to help those with death. Mia helped Padma pull her twin inside. –


Mia: Do you want me to stay with you?

Padma: No but thank you Mia. You were very brave today.

Mia: Thank you and so were you.

Padma: No you don’t understand. You were sorted into Ravenclaw but you have shown more bravery then some Gryffindor’s.

Mia: Thank you, that means a lot.

Padma: You’re welcome. But would you mind finding Lavender for me?

Mia: No, I will be happy to help.

- Mia wondered around looking for Lavender, she ended up finding her in around a corner in a deserted hallway kissing Dean. –


Mia: Um…I don’t want to interrupt anything but Lavender, Padma would like you.

Lavender: Thank you. See you soon Dean.


Lavender and Dean shared a goodbye and Lavender left leaving Mia and Dean together. –


Mia: I see that you are enjoying the good life.

Dean: Funny.


Mia and Dean playfully slapped and punched each other. Then Dean hugged Mia. –


Mia: What was that for?

Dean: I never properly thanked you for saving me earlier.

Mia: It doesn’t matter; you would have done the same thing in my place.

Dean: True. But I still had to thank you.

Mia: You are welcome, now can we get going.

Mia and Dean made their way back into the Great Hall where families, friends and lovers were all reunited after the Battle. Mia made her way over to George who was with the rest of his family sitting around Fred’s body. –


Mia: Hi.

George: Hey.

Mia: How is everything going?

George: Well…its going better since Fred showed himself to the rest of the family.

Mia: That’s good.

George: I know that you don’t want to see her but if you get it over and done with you will feel heaps better.

Mia: …

George: I will be with you.

Mia: The whole time?

George: The whole time.


Mia turned around with George’s hand on her waist and she saw Nymphadora Tonks; her aunty lying there with a blank face and pale body. –


Mia: Wow. She looks like she is sleeping.

George: Why did you walk out before?

Mia: Because I didn’t know if I could handle it.

George: But you could handle seeing Fred?

Mia: I think it’s because I saw Fred die and he isn’t related to me. Whereas Tonks is my aunty and I don’t know who killed her.

George: I guess that’s understandable.

Mia: Yeah.


Mia stood up and George grabbed her hand that made her turn around, he pulled his wand out and placed it against his throat. –


George: I’m so sorry if I am interrupting anyone remembering or mourning for someone but I would like to do something that I have been influenced to do by everyone who fought and survived and anyone who fought and died.


He had everyone’s attention and then he got down on one knee in front of Mia. –


George: Mia Shepard you stole my heart many years ago and since then we have fought and argued over many important things and many petty things. So a way to express my forgiveness and love towards you I wish to ask you something. Mia Shepard will you do the honors of being a wife?

Mia: YES!


Mia pulled George off of his knees and planted a kiss on his lips, and applause bursted out around them. They eventually pulled apart and were surrounded by the Weasley family.

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