A George Weasley Love Story

Mia is a normal witch except that her parents hid a secret from her and her sister Pheme. Their parents died trying to keep them safe but the girls don't know what the secret is. This story follows them through their lives at Hogwarts, with conflict, relationships and the magic.


3. Midnight Memories



Mia was standing up walking to Hagrids hut one moment and then the next she was on the ground glowing blue with the blue dragon laying next to her. George dropped to her side and began shaking her. She wouldn’t wake and so he began to weep next to her. Mia’s vision blurred then she was in a beautiful field with a more beautiful woman in front of her.


Tamara: Hello young one.

Mia: Who are you?

Tamara: I am the deity Tamara. I am the dragon goddess of life, light and mercury.

Mia: Okay, and where am I?

Tamara: You are in the blessed fields of Elysium.

Mia: Really? Wow it really is amazing.

Tamara: It is a rare beauty to see in a world of chaos and destruction.

Mia: True. But why am I here?

Tamara: This young dragon has chosen you to be its master.

Mia: What do you mean by chosen?

Tamara: I guess its similar to ‘the wand choses the wizard’.

Mia: Okay, but why did it chose me?

Tamara: Because it must have found an extraordinary power within side of you. And now you have been chosen so now your powers will increase and your magical ability will grow as well.

Mia: What kinds of powers are you linked with?

Tamara: Life of good, healing, strength and family.

Mia: Which one do you think that I could posses?

Tamara: You carry the genes of a healer and yet you convey the strength of a warrior and great love for your family.

Mia: And what does that mean?

Tamara: That means that you just need to know that you pledge your alliance to the life of good and Phoebe will obey for eternity.

Mia: But have I brought this on?

Tamara: Maybe the death of your parents have allowed for these powers yet you will never know until the right moment.

Mia: And when will that be?

Tamara: Whenever it is needed.

Mia: But how will I know that I need it?

Tamara: At the right moment you will know.

Mia: But how?

Tamara: You ask many questions and many of them will be answered in time so you must wait.

Mia: I only ask questions because I am confused.

Tamara: Of what?

Mia: I thought that this was all an old folk tale.

Tamara: Is that what you thought about magic as well?

Mia: Yes.

Tamara: And that turned out to be true and you were apart of it.

Mia: I guess so.

Tamara: Now it is time to leave and to let you to return to your world once more.

Mia: No, I still have so many questions to ask you.

Tamara: Those questions will be answered in the future but for now return to the world you have temporarily left.


Tamara faded into the fields and then everything turned white and then Mia opened her eyes to find George kneeling over her. –


Mia: What’s the matter?

George: Merlin’s Beard Mia, I thought that I had lost you.

Mia: Don’t be stupid, it’s going to take a little more than a fall to kill ‘Mia Shepard’.

George: What happened?

Mia: I don’t know, one second I was walking next to you and then the next I was out cold on the ground.

George: Okay, lets get to Hagrid’s so that he can look after Phoebe.


-Then group made their way to Hagrid’s Hut and gave him Phoebe, he asked no question and then the group split up; Ginny and Mia going one way and Fred and George going the other. -


Ginny: Hey Mia, what happened back there? When you fell.

Mia: Well, I felt a tingly feeling in my fingers then I blacked out.

Ginny: But are you sure that you are able to go dress shopping with me?

Mia: Of course I am.

Ginny: Okay, well as long as you aren’t going to black out again.

Mia: I’m not.

Ginny: Good otherwise I would have to run from George and most likely the rest of the family.

Mia: Why the rest of the family?

Ginny: Because we have all recognized a difference in his behavior and he is always happy when he is around you.

Mia: Really? But he has always been like that.

Ginny: Exactly.


The girls eventually made their way to a dress shop and there they tried on as many dresses as they wanted. –

Ginny: This is so much fun.

Mia: It’s a bit of a nuisance don’t you think?

Ginny: Maybe it’s because you cannot see how beautiful you are.

Mia: But I’m not that pretty.

Ginny: So you don’t deny that you are pretty?

Mia: I’m pretty not beautiful.

Ginny: Okay, Mia?

Mia: Yeah?

Ginny: You need to buy that dress.

Mia: Why?

Ginny: Because that will make you believe that you are beautiful.

Mia: Fine.


Ginny passed Mia a light blue dress and she went and tried it on. She soon came out and it was the most beautiful sight. –

Mia: How do I look?

Ginny: Absolutely stunning.


Mia was dressed in a long blue dress and had straps going over her shoulders with fabric draping on until the floor. -

Mia: Well I now do feel stunning.

Ginny: And…?

Mia: I’m going to buy it.

Ginny: Great.


-The girls brought their dresses and made their way out of the story and by past another dress store, there Ginny saw Pheme. -


Ginny: Hey Mia is that Pheme?

Mia: Yeah, what’s she doing here?


The girls walked into the store that Pheme and Pansy were in and Pheme was trying on dresses. –


Mia: Pheme what are you doing?

Pheme: Trying on dresses for the Ball.

Mia: Why are they all black?

Pheme: Because black is a good color.

Mia: Yeah but it’s a ball it’s meant to be bright and colorful even for Slytherins.

Pheme: Give a moment I need to try on another BLACK dress.


-Pheme walked into the change room and tried on yet another black dress and when she came out Mia wasn’t happy. –


Mia: Please tell me that you’re not going to wear that.

Pheme: well it is the most expensive and Mrs. Malfoy is paying for it and you don’t like it, then yes I AM getting it.

Mia: But it barely covers anything.

Pheme: Exactly.


-Pheme stalked past Mia and Ginny and Pansy gave a grunt as they walked out. –


Mia: What a bitch.


Mia and Ginny made their way back to Great Hall just before dinner was served. Ginny made her way to the Gryffindor table with Hermione, Ron and Harry. Mia made her way to the Ravenclaw table and sat next to Cho. –


Cho: So how was shopping today?

Mia: Great, I found an awesome dress.

Cho: Whom are you going to the ball with?

Mia: George Weasley. Who are you going with?

Cho: Cedric Diggory.

Mia: But doesn’t Harry like you?

Cho: He was too slow. Anyway it will be the talk of the school when I go with Cedric.

Mia: If you went with Harry, you would still be the talk of the school.

Cho: Yeah, but for all the wrong reasons.

Mia: What is that supposed to mean?

Cho: If Harry had of not put his name in the Goblet then I might have possibly gone with him.

Mia: You’re such a bitch, you know that?

Cho: Yes, but I have to get on the good side of Harry.

Mia: Yeah, yeah I know.

Cho: Or should I remind you what the consequence will be?

Mia: No I understand what I have to do.

Cho: That’s good.


Mia got up and walked out of the Great Hall and slumped on the stairway outside. –


Mia closed her eyes and thought back to the night when her parents were killed. It was a warm summers night and everything was happening as per normal; the soft wind was causing the charms to clash together and play a magical tune, and the family sat around the mahogany table waiting for their dinner to be served by the enchanted dishes and cutlery. Though not long after their dinner was served the wind had stopped and the charms where stationary.


Mom: Girls, go up stair and don’t come down. If you here anything coming up the stairs go the secret room. Okay? Mia I need you to look after Pheme. Pheme sweetie everything is going to be okay.

Mia: Yes mom.


- Mia grabbed Phemes hand and ran up the stairs and hid in her room. They could here the shouts of their parents down stairs and two male voices they didn’t recognize. –


Male 1: Where are the girls?

Mom: You will never find them.

Male 1: Why ever not?

Mom: Because they are warned and they are gone.

Male 2: I can smell them still. Their scent is fresh; they didn’t leave this room more then five minutes ago.

Dad: That information is wrong.

Male 2: Are you saying that my nose is telling me incorrect information?

Mom: Yes that is exactly what he was saying.

Female: The wind warned them.

Male 1: That is impossible, that kind of magic is rare.

Female: Even more reason to find the children.

Mom: What kind of magic are you talking about?

Female: Oh, aren’t you aware that I only speak to people I wish to speak to and no one addresses me with out myself speaking to them first.

Mom: What magic are you talking about?

Female: Well, wouldn’t you like to know?

Dad: Annabeth, stop you could cause our daughters to come into more harm.

Mom: What else could harm them more then losing their parents?

Dad: You mustn’t speak like that.

Mom: Why not? They are going to kill us anyway.

Female: Do you realize that this petty session isn’t going to suspend us killing you?

Mom: Well it seems to be doing exactly that at the moment Bellatrix.

Bellatrix: Well at least your daughters will know who killed them.

Mom: I have no idea what you are talking about.

Male 1: Your children must still be in the house and at close range, you wouldn’t risk them straying too far.

Dad: And what evidence do you have to prove that?

Male 1: His nose. They are in the up stairs room.

Bellatrix: Shut up Paul. AVADA KEDARVA! Well it has been a pleasure talking to you both.

Dad: Greyback don’t let her do this; remember how I helped you when you were in need?

Greyback: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Bellatrix: Sorry about this Annabeth but it has to be done. AVADA KEDAVRA!


Bellatrix: And we will be raising your children, how glorious.


Greyback made his way up the stairs, Mia and Pheme heard the creek of the stairs and they crept into the hidden room in the back of the closet. After closing the door they heard Greyback creep into the room that they were just in. –


Dad: My daughters are brave and will never trust you.

Bellatrix: What makes you so sure of that?

Dad: Annabeth and myself taught them of the dangers that you possessed.

Bellatrix: What about the powers and dangers they possessed?

Dad: We would have told them when the time came.

Bellatrix: Well what a shame you wont be the one who tells them. AVADA KEDARVA!


- Greyback laughed when he heard Bellatrix kill the girl’s dad, but an expression of sadness flashed across his face. Bellatrix skipped up the stairs laughing. –


Bellatrix: Have you found them yet?

Greyback: Not yet but their scent just disappears.

Bellatrix: Maybe they have a secret room?


Two hands covered Mia and Phemes mouths and they were pulled into the darkness and were dragged away from the closet. It was a couple of minutes until they were dragged through another door way and then the hands were removed and Mia grabbed Pheme and pushed her behind her in the corner until she came of sense of who had grabbed them. In front of the girls stood Mad-Eye Moody, Arthur Weasley, Reamus Lupin, Sirius Black and James Potter. –


Arthur: Are you girls okay?

Mia: Yes.

James: Sorry about the shock and the mouth covering. We couldn’t risk you screaming and us being found.

Mia: It’s okay.

Reamus: What happened?

Mia: Mom and Dad are dead.

Reamus: Yes we know that. Do you know who did it? Were there any names given? Any voices you recognized?

Mia: Bellatrix and Greyback.

Pheme: Why didn’t you save my mama and papa?

Arthur: We were told to save you girls.

Pheme: Why? Mama said we all would be okay.

Arthur: She told us to look after you.

Pheme: Why?


-Arthur looked at Reamus with a sad and concerned look. Then James looked at the girls and spoke in a soft tone. –


James: Because she knew they she wasn’t going to be able to see you again so she said that we had to do everything to save you.

Pheme: Why wasn’t she okay?

James: Because she gave herself so that you would be okay.

Pheme: Okay.


Molly Weasley came through the door connecting the tunnel to the Burrow. –


Molly: James, he is going to your place this was just a distraction.



James pushed past Molly and apparated instantly. Sirius followed him.  –


Molly: Albus is on his way.

Arthur: Here?

Molly: Yes.

Reamus: Why?

Molly: To rehouse the girls.

Mia: But we want to stay here.

Molly: I wont you to stay here as well. But you need to go to a family members house that Albus finds safe enough.


Albus then came walking through the door and stared at the girls. Reamus whispered something into Albus’s ear and they both walked outside. –


 Molly: Come on, have you girls had dinner?

Mia: No, they came before we could.

Molly: Okay, well we were having roast rabbit.

Pheme: Do you have any kids?

Molly: Yes, I have 6 children.

Pheme: Do they want to play with me?

Molly: I’m sure they would.


Molly led the girls into an open area, which had a long table with 6 boys sitting around it. –


Molly: These are my sons Charlie, Bill, Percy, Fred, George and Ron. Ron is your age, Fred and George are 2 years older, Percy is 6 years older then you, Bill is 7 years older then you and Charlie is 9 years older then you.

Mia: Mom brought us here once didn’t she?

Molly: Yes she did. You spent Christmas night with us while the others went out on a mission.

Arthur: James and Lilly are gone. Albus will drop the girls off then go for Harry.


-The girls sat down and finished their dinner; Albus walked in and grabbed Molly by the arm. –


Albus: The Potters are dead but Harry survives. After I take the girls to their Aunties then I will send Harry off to his Uncles.


Albus then took the girls by their hands and then apparated into the night. –
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