Meeting the perfect guy


3. Starting my dream job

As we walk into the dressing room I lay my makeup on to the table and up pack my stuff ( Rob said we are staying in the arena for 4 weeks).

"So are you excited to be working here with us?" Said a wonderful soft Irish accent. I turn around and look at Niall."Yes I am quite excited to be working with you guys for the next 4 weeks!"

Harry smirks at me as I try not to die on the spot. Suddenly Rob comes in and my brain thinks thank god someone saved me so harry and I wouldn't be in this awkward position. " ok guys let's take five and rehearse again" says Rob. They both walk out with me following behind. The get up on the stage with the other three boys and stand in their positions. While they do that the makeup lady who does Liam, zayn and Louis hand me two racks of clothes, one Niall and one for Harry. " my name is gina by the way, welcome" says gina "thankyou" as I grin at her.

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