Princess Serena . Is a royal . On the night of her birthday she goes missing . Her parents are gone . The kingdom is falling apart . Little do they know Serena is perfectly fine . Her supposed lover is behind all the disasters . So she will go on a quest to find her one and only true love .


9. Chapter 9

Prince Harry POV

She was missing . Had Prince James knights kidnapped her ? Or had she gone by herself ? Me and Niall have been searching for a few hours now .

We looked in the forest still no sign of Princess Serena. " Serena !" We both yelled as loud as we could . Tears streamed down both of our faces .

Serena POV

I remember my father King Laurence had taught me some defense tips and hiding techniques . Just incase I was ever in danger which I was .

His first tip was to grab firewood and gather it to make a fire just incase it gets cold . He had taught me how to make a bag out of straws of grass and mud .

I was a strong young woman . I could hunt , cook , clean , and make a house underground in under 3 hours .

I stared to make a underground house . I gathered straw and twigs and rocks . I spread out the twigs and applied mud to harden them . I placed them down . I grabbed a rock and sharpened it with my sword and dug a big hole .

I eventually made a house , I places some twigs and grass . I rubbed 2 twigs together until it sparked . I had made a fire .

Niall POV

" Harry we need to find her !" He nodded it was getting late and she could be anywhere alone , in danger . Tears streamed down my face .

Serena and I had gotten close over these last few days , I wouldn't be able to live with myself if anything happened to her .

Harry POV

I walked upon a uneven ground , I noticed smoke coming from the hilly ground . I heard singing . I immediately knew . " Princess !" the singing stopped . The smoke blew out .

It took me a second to realize that she made a underground house . I grabbed a rock and made a hole . There she was Princes Serena . Looking at me her pale face and blue eyes . Shivering .

I hugged her . I whispered in her ear . " You need to be punished you scared us princess ." She looked at me she bit her lip and looked down.

She was beautiful .

Serena POV

He was so handsome .

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