Princess Serena . Is a royal . On the night of her birthday she goes missing . Her parents are gone . The kingdom is falling apart . Little do they know Serena is perfectly fine . Her supposed lover is behind all the disasters . So she will go on a quest to find her one and only true love .


4. Chapter 4

I woke up . In a carriage . My head hurt , and my dress was stained with mud and dirt and hay . I sighed . Where was I ? " Hello ?" I noticed a blonde driver in the front of the carriage . " oh hello Serena !" I recognized his voice . It was Niall ! " Niallll where am I ?!" . Niall turned around an smirked , " can't tell madam " I rolled my eyes . " Niall I'm a princess , a royal , I don't deserve to be treated like trash , I request to speak with your captain !" I said sternly . Niall finally popped " Your on your way to a trouble country , your meeting prince Harry ! Remember ?" My heart flushed . My mind raced . Where was my family ? !

Nialls POV •••

I had to lie to her . She was on her way to a secret undercover agency . Her family was being held captive . She had to be kept with us . We had to keep her safe . They weren't after her or her family . They just want her castle . All the gold . Harry could help her . Prince James is trying To steal everything from her family . All their gold , gems , precious stones . Everything . Harry had to be with her for a while . " Serena your going to be fine , your a princess . Your always gonna be fine stay strong love !" She smiled and nodded . " where's my family niall?" I looked up at my hair , " um they are going to a vacation , to a peace county meeting , you'll see them in 3 months !" Serena's face became whole again she smiled and I noticed she said a prayer . This princess is not like any normal princess , she's just like any other normal girl . I continued to drive on the cobblestone road . It was getting chilly . So Serena huddled with some hay on her to keep warm . I should've packed her bags ! She would have clothes for the stressful few months .

Harry's underground agency 1500 AD

Nialls POV ••

I rushed Serena into the building , we couldn't attract any attention . For they know that the princess is missing , knights are searching everywhere . We walked on the cobblestone road , her shoes made so much noise , I made her take them off . We entered , I grabbed her hand , I led her to a plank . I cranked the lever which was lowering us down into the ground . I heard her gasp , se had never seen so many men wearing uniforms and eye patches . I knocked on prince Harry's room door . He opened it . " Hello Niall and this must be Princess Serena " he kissed her hand . She blushed . I rolled my eyes . " so. Anyway Harry where is Serena's room ? Since she will be staying here for a long while . " um yes I will lead her to her room , Niall why don't you go to the dresser and get Serena some clothes "

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