Princess Serena . Is a royal . On the night of her birthday she goes missing . Her parents are gone . The kingdom is falling apart . Little do they know Serena is perfectly fine . Her supposed lover is behind all the disasters . So she will go on a quest to find her one and only true love .


3. Chapter 3

'Twas Sunday night , a day before my birthday . The butler made dinner . fish with bread . " Serena , get some rest darling , tomorrow's a busy busy busy day . I nodded and made my way to my bedroom . I opened my balcony doors , I stepped out to catch a breathe of fresh air . I change into a silk nightgown and start drifting off to sleep . I wake up with my mother in my room " Today is the day my princess !" She smiled and grabbed my hand . She lead me to my closet . She had a red dress with black lace that went to my feet , it had a ring under it . I hate it , but " I love it mother !" Came out of my mouth instead . My father came into my bedroom , " Serena today is the day your 19 years old !" He kissed my forehead and smiled . Marriet brought powder and dabbed my face with white all over my body . My mother braided my long hair and added a white ribbon in it . I could smell the feast being cooked downstairs for I wasn't allowed to go down stairs until 8:00 which was when the royal birthday ball was about to start . My mother added a daisy crown to my head . I saw a tear roll down her cheek . I hugged my mother and whispered in her ear " Ill be here forever " . Henry the butler came in to my room with lunch , since I wasn't allowed to go have lunch in the dining room . He brought toasted bread and beef . We enjoyed our food . Then Juliett my dresser came Into my room . She gave me red heels , with black lace on the sides . " thank you everybody for all of your cooperation to my birthday ball !" They all nodded and smiled . " Serena who shall we invite ? " I thought . " mother can you invite karriet , Julia , and Mary Ann , and James too , heck ! Why can't we invite the whole kingdom ?" My mom nodded and smiled . The clock striked 7:50 . I slipped on my dress , put on my shoes and started for the door . My mother stopped me , " Not yet . " I gasped . My mother suddenly became very strict . Today was my birthday. Not hers . I was supposed to have a splendid time . When the clock striked 8 . My mom opened up my bedroom door . The hallway leading to the staircase was filled with pictures of my form birth to now . The red carpet glowed with red glitter . I walked and immediately every person clapped and cheered . I noticed Niall standing in the corner smiling . I waved at all the guests . I made my way to my chair next to my fathers and mothers . Every guest one by one came up to congratulate me . I thanked everyone and smiled . As the father and daughter dance was about to start . The lights turned out . All was black . I heard a scream . I had no idea that scream was mine .

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