Princess Serena . Is a royal . On the night of her birthday she goes missing . Her parents are gone . The kingdom is falling apart . Little do they know Serena is perfectly fine . Her supposed lover is behind all the disasters . So she will go on a quest to find her one and only true love .


1. Chapter 1

" Mother , do I have to wear this gown to the evening ball ?, it's rather revealing !" . I said looking down at my revealed legs and shoulders . My mother nodded , " Yes dear , you have to inpress the prince from our peace country , you will be expected to marry him one day !" She smiled and ordered marriet our maid to tidy up my room . " Excuse me princess Serena , may I dust off your cabinets ? They are getting rather dusty !". I smiled and nodded , Marriet was the sweetest maid . The royal ball was starting in about 1 hour , the whole kingdom was going to be there , even some peace kingdoms . My father ( King Marion ) is hosting the ball to celebrate our success at war against a troubled country . The old clock striked 8:00 the guests will be arriving any minute , the whole village , knights and even the poor ! We're invited . The maids were rolling out the red carpets . The trumpets started playing , and the big wooden doors to the entrance of the castle opened , revealing lots of village people . They eagerly filled the ballroom . A loud voice yelled " All rise as the royals will enter on the royal red carpet " . My father walked slowly on the carpet , loud cheers filled the room . Next up was my mother ( queen Genovia ) , she slowly walked while many claps and cheers applauded her . Next was my turn , I walked slowly and steadily while smiling and waving , the guests applauded and whistled , for I was the only child . After that the whole village enjoyed themselves and had a rather fun evening . Prince James from our peace country had come up to me , " Hello Princess your looking as beautiful as ever !" I smiled . " Thank you prince James , your looking as handsome as ever !" . He smiled . " would you like to dance ?" I smiled and gladly accepted . We danced until the clock striked midnight , which signaled time to exit the royal castle . My mother rushed me to the kitchen . The guards locked the castle doors , Marriet laid out a nightgown with pink petal colored slippers . I walked to my room and closed the balcony door , and locked it shut . I lay down in my bed . Then the thought comes to my head . I have to marry James !

Hello guys (: this is my new series " Royals " hope you enjoy xx Krystelle ! Leave feedback !

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