Rosie is treated horribly by her parents. But one day an angel comes and takes her away...


4. Twenty Years Later


I feel someone tap my shoulder. I turn away from the controls of the teddy bear making machine to see Samuel standing smiling at me.

"Oh, hello Santa" I say as normally as I can.

"So you've heard?" says Samuel happily.

"Everyone has heard Sam!" Losing control of my excitement for him. "Every one in the whole North Pole! That the old Santa has retired, and his only son, you, have taken his place!" I say, then hug him.

When we have broken apart, he looks at me and says, "Yeah, but I'm not officially Santa Clause until I've got a Mrs Clause."

"Oh, don't worry about that Sammy! I'm sure you'll find her in the next week or so."

 Suddenly he grabs me by the shoulders and says "How about today?" Then he's on one knee.

"Rosie, will you be my Mrs Clause?"

I almost die. Santa's asking me to marry him! And I've had a crush on Samuel since I was sixteen...

"Umm, I think I'll say yes to that one" Then he stands up and kisses me softly. After the kiss I look up. I see Emily, the Christmas Angel, the one who brought me here watching us from the balcony. She sees me looking and slowly rises, up off the floor and over the balcony rails, flies over the machines on the ground floor, and lands softly beside us.

"That's great. My little brother becomes Santa and marries my favourite adopted girl." She says smiling. We all smile at each other.

"Well, you guys should go and tell the parents," Emily says after a while. "I'm going to see if I can steal a candy cane..." She flies off, over to the candy cane making machine.

Samuel holds my hand saying, "Lets go do that. Come on."

He leads me through a door I've never been through before. The door to the Clause Family House. 

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