Good Girls Always Fall To Hard In The End

What if you could be famouse. What if you had it all. a heart that's never been broke. A talent like no other. And then it all comes crashing down. In one moment. And all because. because you fell in love. but he only wanted to use you. What would you do? Well join me in a story you will never forget. the story of the one good girl in the bunch that stood strong against the hate the fame. and dint forget who she was and where she was from. until......she met him...the most famous person on earth.
" they say angel, I say demon from hell" this is her story,


3. broken with no hope

 I was at home again it was the first day and I already hated it. I better get to bed but before I did I went on twitter, Facebook, Instagram, tumbler, and all that and took a picture of myself crying. And posted with the caption. 'I was broken then you fixed me with your voice. And now you're the one who broke me down. Wish I would have just left you alone. but now I'm broken with no hope. should have never fallen so hard. but I #BELIEVED I was a proud #BELIEBER but now I'm just #BrokenWithNoHope' and then I turned my phone off and went to sleep. well cried myself to sleep more like.


 The next morning i turned my phone on I had DM's from everyone i followed or was friends with. and ton's of mentions and comments and missed calls and messages. but one stood out.

@Justinbieber- guys I messed up real bad. I never meant to hurt you @chaschas15 I'm really sorry. I should have never said those things and made you cry. please please talk to me?

I was shocked to say the least then I heard an knock on the door and I ran downstairs but when I opened the door it was.....

A/N sorry for the long wait :( promise to update asap :) night lovies<3

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