Why Do You Lie?

Why do people lie? Do they take pleasure in seeing others in a state of knowing the wrong facts? This is basically a rant in the form of poetry!


1. Why Do You Lie?

Why do you tell me these terrible lies? 
Am not worthy of the truth in your eyes? 
Do you enjoy to see me suffer in deceit? 
Do you enjoy to play my emotions at your feet? 

Mental manipulation is the worst kind of all 
Friends and family shouldn't be out to make you fall 
When you begin to doubt yourself, because of someone's fabrication 
The lie gets to the point of total devastation 

Twice I've been tricked, twice my trust shattered. 
And now I've learned with whom I shouldn't confide personal matters
They say that life is learned from mistakes
Over the years I've come to realize that statement is not fake

Maybe that's why humanity is so weak
Because it's full of tricksters, liars, and cheats 
Would you rather be placated, or have the candor facts? 
What if you found out your friend's dire issue was only an act? 

"Can't you take a joke?" they say, not knowing their great folly 
You and your friend go on with life thinking everything is jolly 
But deep down, you know that they truly left a scar
This time, their "joke" broke your trust in them, it stretched just too far

Pranks, surprises, lies, and keeping important information undisclosed
Are all acts that I personally greatly oppose
So, next time you think of deceiving a friend
Think of the affects your duplicity can have in the end

(Oh, and one more comment from me
As for my opinions here, feel free to disagree
I'm not trying to contradict your belief
This poem was written for my own personal relief)

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