Being their daughter

Hi.My name is Darcy Stylinson.I'm Larry Stylinson's daughter,as in Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles.My life is hectic,but I love it!I hope you enjoy the story of my life!


19. water park

The ride to the water park was a bit awkward.Dad kept asking Alex questions.Alex is a good guy,why do they feel the need to interrogate him?When we got there,Emma,Liz,Alex and I went straight to the water slide.Alex and Liz went in one slide,Emma and I went in the other,we raced down.Emma and I won!The losing team had to buy us dipn' dots.We went in more slides then went to the wave pool.When we got there,we saw Sara and the bitch clones."Uh-oh!"Me and Liz said."What's wrong sissy?"Emma asked."Nothing sweety,just stay by me at all times.I don't want to lose you."I said,being a being a responsible older sister."Well,well,well,if if isn't the nerd,the idiot,and..I'm sorry,who are you?"Sara said."I'm Emma!Are you Darcy's friend?"Emma said."No,why would I want to be?"Sara said."Go away Sara."Alex said."Not without you!"Sara said."I have a girlfriend!"Alex said."Really?Who is she,I swear I'll ruin her life!"Sara said."Too bad you already have!"Liz said."You're dating HER!"She said pointing at Liz."Wrong,He's dating Darcy."Liz said.Sara and the bitch clones had this blank look on their face."Darcy,can we go find Dad,please?"Emma asked."She's your SISTER!"She said."Surprised?"I asked.We went to go find my dads,we found them near the lazy river."Can we go home?"Emma asked."Sure sweetie,who wants Nandos!"We all raised our hands."Who wants to bet Uncle Niall is there!"I announced."You're on!"Daddy said."Who's Niall?"Emma asked."He's our uncle,who's always hungry!"I said."Okay!"Emma said."Dad,I think we should invite the family over tomorrow to introduce Emma!What do you think?"I asked dad."I think that's a wonderful idea!He answered.It was settled.We went to Nandos,I now owe Daddy five bucks.Uncle Niall chose NOW to not go to Nandos?!


Hey!!I really hope you enjoying it!I try my hardest to update,it's summer,so I'll update more.


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