Being their daughter

Hi.My name is Darcy Stylinson.I'm Larry Stylinson's daughter,as in Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles.My life is hectic,but I love it!I hope you enjoy the story of my life!


4. Uncle Zayn saves the day and sleepover

Liz and I finally caught up with the group.We were at a park.A park that was very familiar to me.


My dad's and I were at the park."What do you want to do now Darc?"Daddy asked(quick a/n:dad=Louis daddy=Harry)"SWINGS!!"I yelled.We all raced to the swing set.While Dad pushed me,daddy was getting a picnic set up.We soon got hungry.We ate,then I fell asleep.When I woke up,I was in my bed.

**flashback over**

"Darc?You ok?Your freaking me out."Liz said."I'm fine Liza-bear."I said."Hey,Darcy,Darcy's friend,get over here!"we heard Alex yell."Does he not know my name?"Liz said."Let's just go see what he wants."I said.We walked over to them,to see Sara smoking."Babe,you really should stop.Thats bad for you."Alex told Sara.He's so sweet!Alex then took Sara's cigarette and threw it on the ground,stomping on it."Jokes on you!I just bought a pack this morning!"Sara said,getting another one and lighting it."Just then,an arm with a zap tattoo reached out and grabbed it out of her mouth."I wouldn't do that if I were you,love."I heard a voice that I could recognize any where.Uncle Zayn!"Darcy,a word!"He said."Hi Uncle Zayn."I said."Why aren't you at school?"He asked."Skipping?"I asked/said.He was my favorite uncle."Well,you could have called me!You and Liz could've hung out at my place!"He said.With Aunt Perrie?She's alright,just a bit to girly for Liz's taste."Liz and I didn't really plan in skipping,it was kind of last minute.Plz don't tell my dads!They'd kill me!"I said."Do I ever tell your dads when you screw up?"He asks."Don't tell Uncle Ni or Uncle Liam,but you're my favorite uncle!"I laughed.We hugged,then he left.I went back to the group.Just as Sara was throwing her cigarette pack and lighter I. The trash."What's going on?"I asked Liz."She's stopping,she didn't say why though!"Alex said.I'm shocked.Sara never quits!Just then,my phone alarm went off,signaling school was over.Liz and I headed to my house.Liz and I had this tradition.Every year,one the last day of school,we have a sleep over.Last year,we had it at her house,this year,it's at mine.Liz basically has her own dresser in my room,so she doesn't bring clothes.When we get there,we hear a loud scream.Sounded like daddy.We raced to the living room,to see dad curled up in a ball laughing,and daddy's hair straight.Soon,Liz and I were in tears,daddy trying to fix his hair."How'd you manage to straighten his hair Mr.S?"Liz asked my dad."He fell asleep on the couch!"He yelled."You better make tacos for dinner then,and be super nice.Remember when I took his last piece of bacon?"I asked.I had to take dish duty over for the rest of the month,but it was worth it."Good thinking,I'll get right on that."He said.

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