Being their daughter

Hi.My name is Darcy Stylinson.I'm Larry Stylinson's daughter,as in Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles.My life is hectic,but I love it!I hope you enjoy the story of my life!


2. last day of school

"Darcy!"my dad,Louis yelled.It was the last day of school.I don't get why I couldn't skip.I have perfect attendance.It wouldn't affect my grades if I didn't go to school.I got up anyway,not wanting to start an argument.I got dressed(outfits will be posted in the comments)I went downstairs."We'll look who finally decided to join us."Daddy(Harry)said."Why can't I just skip?I am a straight A student with perfect attendance."I said."Darcy,you know your not going to get out of going to school.So get you're bag,"Dad(Louis)said.I didn't want to,but I had to.I got my bag and headed for the bus.I got there,and my BFF was there waiting for me."Hey Darcy,what's up?"She said,taking my hat."Give me my hat Liz."I said.she was my best friend,but she could get annoying some times."Oh,dar-bear,why are you always wearing a hat?Your hair is awsome!"she yelled."I wear hats,because I wear hats!"I said.Then,I saw him.My crush.His name is Alex.He's absolutely perfect.The downside is,he has a girlfriend.The most popular girl in school,Sara.Even if he didn't have a girlfriend,he wouldn't date me.I'm a nerd,he's a bad boy."Darc,your staring at him again,he's gonna think your a freak."Liz said."I know.Just day dreaming."I said.Then,Alex walked up."Hey,Darcy right?"He asked.I couldn't speak.See,I'm a very shy person."Darcy,talk!"Liz whispered."Yeah.I'm Darcy."I said."Cool,me and a few of my friends are skipping school today,wanna join?You can bring your friend."He said.Skip school?Wow,the guy I was crushing on knows my name,and wants me to skip with him!"Sure!"I said"Uh,Darcy,a word!"Liz said and grabbed my arm."Darcy Marie!What do you think you're doing!If your fathers found out you skipped,they'd kill you!"Liz said."I know,but it's Alex Riton,what was I supposed to do!"I said."Tell him no!!"she yelled.Liz was popular,but she was a goody-goody."Well,it's to late now."I said.

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