Being their daughter

Hi.My name is Darcy Stylinson.I'm Larry Stylinson's daughter,as in Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles.My life is hectic,but I love it!I hope you enjoy the story of my life!


14. EMMA'S P.O.V

I was adopted!I have been at this orphanage my whole life,no body loved me,but now I have a sister,and two dads!I can't wait to see their house!"So,Emma,tell me about yourself."Darcy asked me."Well,I'm six years old,I have been here my whole life,and I got adopted once before this,but I was abused there.So am now part of your family I think."I said.Darcy was really nice,so are her fathers."Emma,you ARE apart of our family!"Darcy said.I have a feeling we are going to get along just fine!"You girls ready?"Harry asked."Yes,sir."I said,using manners."Emma,you don't have to call me sir,just call me what Darcy calls me,which is Daddy,you can call Louis Dad."Har-Daddy said."Ok,I'm ready to leave whenever!"I said."Well,don't you want to say goodbye to your friends first?"Dad asked."What friends?"I asked,they just laughed."Ok,then let's go!"Darcy said.

*skip car ride*

I got out of the car and I saw this huge house.It was beautiful!"Your house is amazing!"I said."Now it's your house too."Daddy said.They were all really nice.I am finally loved!"So,would you like to go shopping tomorrow for decorations for your room?"Dad asked."Sure,I'd like that."I said."Hey,dads,can Emma sleep in my room tonight?Please,please,please with cherries on top!"Darcy asked."Only if it's ok with Em."Dad said."I'm ok with it!"I said."YEAH!!"Darcy yelled."Is she always like this?"I asked Daddy."You haven't seen Dad when he's like that."He said."Should I be worried?"I asked."No,just make sure you hide Darcy's markers."He said.Ok then.I fall asleep thinking of how grateful I am to be in this family.


Hey!Long time,no write!I am sorry,but I had ISTEP for these few weeks,and everything has just been hectic.I will update ASAP!!I love you to the moon and back 5 times!


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