Keeping your cool

when Niall brings in a best friend from grade school, she catches the eye of harry,and louis. the two boys will either both give her up or one gets her. which one? will she even like them or does another boy member catcher eye. so harry and louis will have to learn to keep there cool, because they are best mates, or will a girl break their relationship.


7. you don't stand a chance

Elena's pov

I woke up as my phone sung to me. I jumped out of bed and took a long shower. I conditioned my hair then did it again. Once I got out, I just let my hair fall. I slipped on a black cami with this neon pink tank top that the sleeves are huge and wide then I tucked it into some high waisted shorts. I jumped out of my room and started singing We Are Young by Fun.

"Shut up Elena!" Niall yelled from his room. I just sang louder. Liam was in the kitchen laughing.

"Niall I'm going to eat all the pancakes causing you to starve."

He hopped into the kitchen pulling up a pair of shorts. I laughed. I sat there sipping my chocolate milk.

"Not eating?" Liam asked.

I shook my head. "Too excited." He laughed.

About an hour later Danielle arrived wearing no make up as usual. She hugged and kissed Liam as I hugged Niall bye and we did our secret hand shake. I slipped on my aviator sunglasses as I snapped a quick picture for Instagram.

In the studio it was bright. I was standing there in nothing but a bikini. The stylist and photographers were pleased with me. I was thrown into a chair where they did my make up and hair. She did some make up tricks to make my green eyes pop. I did as they told me. As I shook hands with the people they kept telling me that I should progress in modeling I shrugged. I liked modeling but I don't know, maybe? Danielle and I decided to get some slushies after modeling. We walked around just talking about the boys. I filled her in on me and Louis.

"You know Liam and I knew he has an Italian grandmother."

I sighed. "No!"

She laughed. We threw our drinks away and Danielle dropped me back home. I walked inside to find no one. As I walked outside, I slipped my sunglasses back on. I had What You Know by Two Door Cinema Club playing as something filled with water busted on my head.

"What the fuck?" I said as a looked around, nothing. I turned my music off and tucked my phone in my pocket. As I turned the corner of the flat I was hit again. This time it hit my feet letting me see it was a water ballon. I got into Call of Duty mode. I looked around to see a bright red bucket. Full of neon green and other neon colored water ballons. It was across the yard meaning I was going to have to make a run for it. I checked my surroundings and ran. Of course soccer players are fast I got there but not without water balloons bursting near me. Once I picked up a balloon I watched as the boys ran out water balloons in their hands, I began pelting them with balloons. I had Zayn surrender when his hair got wet, Liam stopped once he noticed the colored mess in his back yard, and Niall And Harry got hungry. So it was just me and Lou.

I had two balloons in each hand and a two balloons in my bra making my C cups look like double D's. I had to bite my tongue to contain my laughter or to not go shaking my chest around or start to bust out and do the wobble. I peeked around the tree to see Louis searching the tree line. I jumped to the tree next to me. Then the next. To where all I had to do was run to the tree right behind him and I was good. I waited then boom! I ran. Safe. I watched as he kept moving forward.

I looked down at my toes by now I had removed my shoes. The soft lovely bright green grass between my toes. I threw a rock across from me. So he'd think I was there. I watched him throw a water ballon. He only had one left. I took the four in my hands and launched them at Louis. All of them exploding on his back and chest. I saw him smirk as he walked towards me. I ran to the nearest tree. Then I decided to remove him from the forest. So I ran out the woods onto the lawn. I looked behind me to see him right on my tail.

He smirked. "All out of ammo?" Clearly he didn't see my chest. I laughed. I turned around running back words I opened my arms out wide.

"Oh what shall I do?"

He smirked as he threw his last balloon. I felt it graze my leg as I ran. I turned back around just As he tackled me. I grabbed the balloons from my camisole and threw them at him as he grabbed my waist. We fell to the ground. His hand grazed my side causing me to giggle. I laid on the ground as he had me straddled. He was getting up but he heard me giggle. He gave me his million dollar smile as his hands started attacking my sides. I yelled as he tickled me. I was squirming around trying to get out of his death grip. I couldn't breathe anymore I was laughing so hard. 

"Help!" I yelled as Louis laughed.

"No one is going to save you." I couldn't say anything.

"Surrender." He said. He had stopped tickling me but he was sitting on top of me. I propped my self up on my elbows our faces inches apart. Just like he had in the flat, I leaned in our lips touched barely as I got up and ran. I looked back to see him smiling. He got up and started running.

"Race you to the door." He said. I smirked.

"You don't stand a chance." I said as I looked at the glass door ahead of us.  


Well I hope you liked this chapter. Enjoy guys! :)

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