Keeping your cool

when Niall brings in a best friend from grade school, she catches the eye of harry,and louis. the two boys will either both give her up or one gets her. which one? will she even like them or does another boy member catcher eye. so harry and louis will have to learn to keep there cool, because they are best mates, or will a girl break their relationship.


8. something else

Elena's pov

Me and Louis busted through the door. Taking me out as we both crashed into the couch.

"Aye! Get of tha couch!" Liam yelled. I looked at both of us still wet from the balloons. Me and Louis were still laughing as we walked into the kitchen. Niall was scowling as he ate some chips from the bag. I rolled my eyes. I walked into my room to change when Niall came in.

"What did I do now?"

"You almost kissed him! He was sitting on you, tickling you. You know what that means." I shrugged.


Niall rolled his eyes. "You're spoken for. Louis likes you and I'm pretty sure you like him too."

I rolled my eyes. "Mhm. Sure now can I get changed?" I asked as I stole a chip from Niall's bag, though he snatched it away causing us to both laugh. He walked out as I changed into some Victoria's Secret yoga pants then I slipped on a camisole that matched. I saw all the boys in the game room so I went to the kitchen. I bent down as I got the huge tub of cheese balls, when I felt a finger grab the top of my thong. I gasped and turned around smaking Louis's hand away.

"Don't do that!"

He laughed. "Then don't leave it out for everyone to see." I crossed my arms. He was standing in just his swimming trunks and a towel wrapped around his neck.

I poked his stomach. "It wasn't!"

"Darling obviously if I could grab it, it was." He grabbed the tub of cheese balls from me.

"Louis those are mine!"

He shook his finger then shushed me. "The movie is starting." I huffed and stomped my foot. I reached in the fridge and grabbed the bag of grapes. I walked into the room no where to sit but next to Harry or Niall. Harry's cool so I sat by Harry. I saw Louis and Niall look at me. Jesus they're like crows. Harry reached for the grapes so I moved closer, causing me to snuggle into him. Another look. Like I said crows. We were five minutes into the movie when I started to whine. "Why are we watching this?"

"Scared fiammella?" Louis chuckled. I crossed my arms. "No!" I was not going to be stood up by him. But by them end of the movie Harry had his arm around me as my face was buried into his chest. He smelt very nice which I was always attracted to in guys. I accidentally fell asleep on him.

"Elena...elena." I was being shaken awake by Harry. I sat up. He smiled.

"Oh god did I fall asleep." He shrugged.

"Yeah but it's fine. But Zayn is going home so I have to go."

I sat up "okay well bye."

He smiled. "Hey I was wondering if you'd like to go somewhere tomorrow?"

I smiled. "Like where?"

He shrugged. "Everywhere."

I laughed. "Sure! Sounds fun." I hugged him so I could whisper. "Don't worry I won't tell Niall and if he finds out so he won't kill you." Harry laughed. We exchanged numbers and he left. I sulked to my room but turned the hall light on as I did. Then when I got in my room I turned that light on too. Liam shut the hall light off laughing. I walked out and turned it on then went to the kitchen and turned that light on as I got a thing of microwave Mac 'n Cheese. I cooked that then ate it. I turned that light off then I went to my room and got ready for bed.  

When I laid in bed I thought. A date with Harry, very exciting. I wonder what Louis thought. It'd be nice to make him jealous. I looked at my phone to see two texts

Harry: goodnight love

Louis: night fiammella.

I smiled at both of them. So sweet but which did I like better?  


I grabbed my phone. I was wearing the outfit I'd bought with Danielle. Then I had decided to curl my hair. Harry and I had decided to go out for dinner. Niall didn't seem happy but I told him to back off.

Niall just talked about how much younger Harry was than me. Harry was nineteen I was twenty one. I watched as Harry pulled in the drive way. The other boys just came to hang out and play video games. Louis was awfully quiet. I kept throwing him confused looks he just ignored them. His face was emotionless. I was about to walk out the door when Niall told Louis to give me my leather jacket. I rolled my eyes. He had to choose Louis. I looked in the living room shooting daggers at Niall to to get a wink I rolled my eyes. Louis came up and shoved my jacket.

"What's wrong with you?" He shrugged as he leaned against the wall, crossing his arms. "Nothing."

I smiled. "Oh I see you're jealous" I poked his chest leaning in on him then leaning back.

He chuckled. "Highly unlikely now go on with your young date."

He spat the word date out which made me believe what I had said. I smiled and walked out to join Harry. I was ready for the public eye, the press, everyone. Of course we weren't boyfriend and girlfriend, just friends going out for the evening. I had my leather jacket on and my black velvet platforms only making me about right under Harry's shoulder. I was short, very short. I held my black leather clutch as we walked into the restaurant. Flashes everywhere. Harry had told me to just ignore them.  


It was a lovely night and I couldn't wait to read all the crazy rumors that the magazines came up with. I opened the front door and threw my clutch onto the counter. I heard the boys all screaming at one another. I walked into a pillow fight.

"Guys!" I said.

"GUYS!" I yelled then they all stopped.

"What is wrong with you? Pick this up and go home then go to bed! Now!" They all scurried around Zayn and Louis left. Niall and Liam went to their rooms and I got into my pj's. I crashed on my bed. I looked at my phone because it was Louis's text message alert noise.

"So how does it feel to be Harry styles girlfriend?"  

Then a link. I clicked a link and it took me to a website. It was talking about Harry Styles' new mystery date, possible new girlfriend. I rolled my eyes and laughed.

Me: promise you're not jealous.

Louis: I never promise anything.

Me: so...... You are?

Louis: slightly because that could've been my time to beat your pretty little ass at Mario kart.

I laughed.

Me: fine tomorrow you will lose to my pretty ass ;) night lou.

Louis: night fiammella ;)

I smiled Louis was something else. 


Enjoy :)

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