Keeping your cool

when Niall brings in a best friend from grade school, she catches the eye of harry,and louis. the two boys will either both give her up or one gets her. which one? will she even like them or does another boy member catcher eye. so harry and louis will have to learn to keep there cool, because they are best mates, or will a girl break their relationship.


2. keeping my italian intact

Niall's pov 

I watched as Liam gave me the look to say something. I looked around all eyes were on Elena. I turned to her.

"il mio nome è elena" she said. I smirked, so this is how she was going to play the game. All their heads turned to me.

I smiled "She said 'my name's elena.' " They all frowned except Liam he knew she could speak english. Zayn was the first to speak up.

"I'm Zayn."

Elena's pov.

They were all looking at me, and me being me, I liked to play games.

"il mio nome è elena" I said using my native tongue. Their faces dropped. I bit my lip to hide my smirk. I looked at Niall who was smirking.

He then said "She said her name was Elena." They were all frowning, except for Liam. He knew my secret. Zayn spoke first.

"I'm zayn." Then a very handsome boy spoke up or should I say man. He had blue eyes and brown hair that was a mess but it look like he styled it this way. He was the type of guy who didn't deserve the name "hot" but the name "handsome." It was Louis. Of course I knew their names! I'm a directioner myself! Then Harry spoke he looked a lot like me but was paler and had darker hair.

"And I'm Harry."

"il rubacuori" I muttered slyly, knowing Niall would hear it.

"il suo bello incontrare tutti voi, cerchiamo di mangiare il mio stomaco è ringhiando" I said after Niall hit my thigh.

Niall's pov.

After Harry introduced himself, I heard Elena mutter "the heartbreaker" in Italian. I nudged her thigh with my knee knowing she'd get the message.

"il suo bello incontrare tutti voi, cerchiamo di mangiare il mio stomaco è ringhiando." She said. I rolled my eyes, how long was she going to make me translate?

"She said its nice to meet you all, but let us eat, my stomach is growling." I looked at her she gave me one of her million dollar smiles.

"Can she undastand English?" Louis asked. His accent extremely strong, was he trying the same stunt? I looked at her.

Louis pov.

The beauty was sitting right across from me. She was a goddess with her olive skin and green eyes, long light brown, goldenish, hair. She could only speak Italian eh? So I asked a question of my own.

"Can she undastand english?" I felt a smirk tug at my lips as I watched the panic dance in her green eyes. They were so easy to read. Niall looked at her, translated, then she said.

"un po 'posso leggere semplicemente non lo parla." Little did any one know, I had an Italian aunt. I watched her eyes shine with mischievousness. She was a game player. That's fine I like games.

"She said somewhat but she can mainly read not speak it." I felt a smile coming upon my face. As the rest of the boys scrambled for something to write on. I loved how whenever Harry spoke to her, she seemed not interested, bored almost. Plus it reminded me of how she'd called him a heart breaker which took every ounce of me not to laugh. Poor Harold. She wasn't going to keep this up for long and I'd be there when she did give up. But something told me she doesn't give up.


Elena's pov.

Ugh why did I have to play this game? It's boring now since that handsome boy asked about my english. He's nosy. I think he's onto me.

"Niall è Louis un giocatore?"

He looked at me confused. "Sì molto, perché?" I shrugged, so he was. I added some more salad to my plate. It was so difficult to not bust out and ask a billion questions, I was a true directioner and Niall knew. So when I'm sitting over here staring off at the wall biting my lip it was a scene that only Niall understand.  


When Niall and I went to clean up, he pulled me close and said. "They're going to start handing you laxitives."

My eyes got wide. "I can't help it there's so many questions."

He laughed "I know just write em down."

I rolled my eyes.

"Hey it's not easy for me either. I'm translator." He whispered.

I smirked. "Keeps your italian intact."

He rolled his eyes. We finished the last of the dishes and walked to the living room.

"Harry had a brilliant idea if using google translate." I held in my sigh, as Liam's and Louis eyes bore holes into my face. Niall turned to me.

"Harry ha avuto una grande idea di usare google translate." I nodded and smiled at Harry, making his smile widen.

"Questo è sorprendente perché non ci ho pensato?" I said, face palming.

"She said great idea why didn't I think of that?" They laughed.

We sat there using google translate so I could ask my millions of questions like a fan girl. Each silly immature question Niall would role his eyes. 


Well it's chapter two and it's boring and no one reads these fan fictions but I love writing soooo...... Enjoy :)

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