Keeping your cool

when Niall brings in a best friend from grade school, she catches the eye of harry,and louis. the two boys will either both give her up or one gets her. which one? will she even like them or does another boy member catcher eye. so harry and louis will have to learn to keep there cool, because they are best mates, or will a girl break their relationship.


10. Don't forget about our date

Elena's pov

I packed the last article of clothing into the heavy suitcase. 

Louis: bring your bathing suit ;)

I smiled 

Me: okay which one the white or black one?

Louis: depends on which one you are ;) 

Me: you are so gross so I have to wear the white one. 

Louis: by the end of the tour you'll be able to wear the black one. 

Me: is that a challenge?

Louis: no it's a promise.

Me: Mhm ;)

I put both bathing suits in. The thought of Louis taking my virginity away made me nervous and scared. I was a firm believer in abstinence. So was Niall. I zipped the suitcase up and brought it to the living room.

Liam chuckled. "Cheetah suitcases."

I crossed my arms. "Yeah so?"

"Well it'd be fine but on the back side there is lovely photos of us guys and our logo with heart."

I felt my face go red as I looked at the picture of Louis that had hidden kiss marks all over him.

"Ummm.... Oh yeah Niall you want help packing okay I'm there." I said running off. We came back as I caught Liam taking pictures of my suitcase.


He was laughing holding the phone high above my head. "Sent and posted."

"Ahhh Liam! The humiliation it's embarrassing." He laughed. I got on my twitter and commented on the photo.

@elena_has_arrived: so!! I am a directioner! I'm sure the directioners can agree! 

The boys laughed at my comment. We were greeted by the other boys. Harry came up putting his hands on my waist and kissing my cheek. I just looked at Louis the whole time. Zayn gave me a hug and ruffled my hair. When Louis just gave me a high five. But as he did he whispered. "A promise."

I couldn't help but giggle. Causing anyone who wasn't looking at us already (Harry and Niall). I looked up at the sky.

"Oh you're right it does look like a fish." I said pointing at the cloud. Louis just nodded, playing along. The taxi came and of course it wasn't your typical one, this one had to fit One Direction and all their people. I smiled as I watched my cheetah print One Direction suitcase being put in the back. I was sitting in between Harry and Louis but Niall moved me to between him and Liam. But Louis moved so that he was sitting next to Harry so that Zayn could squeeze in. So I was directly in front of Louis. Niall scowled but didn't say anything. Liam elbowed me. So then we all entered a quiet car because we were all texting except zayn and Niall who were asleep and Niall was eating. The first text I got was from Harry and Louis at the same time.

Harry: sup love?

Me: nothing much

Louis: those are lovely suitcases fiammella.

Me: really thanks

Louis: I think you've already started with my promise, or at least with my picture. 

I felt my face turn red. I though no one could see those.

Harry: nothing much just wondering who you are texting?

I bit my lip. 

Me ➡ louis: Harry wants to know who I'm texting.

Me ➡ Harry: why?

Harry: I was just wondering because your face turned as red as Liam's shirt. 

I looked at Liam who was wearing a red toy story shirt, but I also noticed Louis, he was wearing his red pants. He caught me staring so he winked at me, causing me to roll my eyes to keep from turning red. 

Me➡Harry: like Louis's pants?

Harry: yes. Now who are you texting?

Me➡Louis: *screen shot of texts*

Louis: say it's Louis and he is making me blush like crazy because he can do that. I just like him so much. 

I rolled my eyes causing Louis to chuckle. 

Me➡Louis: no how about, oh Louis. 

Louis: 😶 fine.

Me➡Harry: oh Louis 

I watched as Harry clutched his phone angrily then texted me back.

Harry: cool so when's our next date?

Me➡Louis: he wants another date....

Louis: hell to the no say no. 

Me: why? 

He didn't reply

Me➡Harry: whenever possible 😬

Harry: okay!!!

I looked up to see Louis reading over his shoulder then scowling. Harry smiled and started to play a game of watch a movie. 

Louis: why did you say yes? I told you no.

Me: I didn't say yes I said when ever, that could be never.. 

Louis: no you said whenever possible, so that means if he has free time you're going on a date. 

I rolled my eyes. 

Me: why do you care?

Louis: never said I did.


Louis: besides if I'm going to carry out my promise then you can't be 'dating' Harry.

I didn't reply to louis. I was a little aggravated. So I texted Liam 

Me: are you close with louis? 

Liam: idk? Why

Me: find out if he likes me.

Liam: *eye roll*

I turned to him and said. "Hey don't give me attitude." 

Me➡Louis: I brought both bathing suits.

Louis: I hope you know that I'm not going to do it with you.

Me: why would you think what? I'm a believer In abstinence.

Louis: so am I. Just didnt want you getting your hopes up.

Me: for what!!!!?????

Louis: drop something one the floor and I'll whisper it to you.

I causally dropped my phone. Making it look like a perfect accident. So both me and Louis went to get it.

Sure enough he started to whisper in my ear "getting your hopes up at the thought of me pleasuring you." I sat straight up and started choking. Because I tried swallowing and breathing and laughing all at once. Louis at a smirk on his face.

"We are at the airport!" Zayn screamed. When we were out of he car. I slapped louis. Though how short I am, standing on my tippy toes, I only got his shoulder real good.

"Ouch! What was that for!" 

"per voi pensare un pensiero irrazionale, che non era appropriato!" (Translation:for you thinking an irrational thought, that was inappropriate!)

"così stiamo ora parlando in italiano per un motivo. im sorry cribbio. Non mi aspettavo di agire in quel modo? Mi dispiace!"

(Translation: so are we now talking in italian for a reason. I'm sorry gosh. i didnt expect you to act like that? I'm sorry.)

I sighed. I couldn't stay mad at him. 

"bene, che cosa mai io non sono pazzo. Non farlo di nuovo." 
(Translation:well, what ever I'm not mad. Do not do it again.)

He smiled and wrapped his towering body around me.

Everyone was staring at us. "Louis was making fun of my shortness."

Niall threw his hands up dragging his suit cases with him. He'd understood our conversation, somewhat. Harry came up wrapping one arm around my waist.

"It's okay love, your shortness is what makes you adorable." He said tapping my nose, causing me to giggle.

"Can you guys promise me, to never have a boring quiet car ride like that again, ever?" They all nodded and started laughing.

"What?" I turned around to see Louis standing on his knees with his eyes closed, mimicking my hand movements. I thumped him in the head. "I'm italian you douche."

He smiled returning to his normal height. "That's what I like about you." He said winking at Harry. I rolled my eyes. Niall pulled me aside.

"Just for your information, I'm done I give up. I'm tired of being the bad guy and being strict. I'm not going to yell at you any more." I gave Niall a confused look. "Why?"

He laughed. "We're on tour. You'll never see us."

I frowned. "So what am I going to do?"

He handed me my suitcase. "You're taking a plane to L.A. That's were our tour ends." I

frowned. "So I'll be alone." He nodded.

"Hurry say your good byes."

I frowned and walked over to the boys. Getting hugs from each and a tight squeeze from Harry and a kiss on my hand from louis.

"Keep in touch." Louis said tapping his phone. I nodded.

"Don't forget about our date elena?" Harry said winking at me. Causing Louis to mumble "oh my god." And stomp away. I giggled and nodded, Niall led me off to my gate. 

Not how I wanted to spend summer but hey. Going to L.A. That's big and cool! Maybe I'll meet some cool people. I sighed. Who was I kidding?

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