Keeping your cool

when Niall brings in a best friend from grade school, she catches the eye of harry,and louis. the two boys will either both give her up or one gets her. which one? will she even like them or does another boy member catcher eye. so harry and louis will have to learn to keep there cool, because they are best mates, or will a girl break their relationship.


5. A lovely vanilla

Elena's pov

I woke up to a bunch of laughter. Ugh what the hell were the boys up to? I quickly threw on some clothes, which happened to be my neon pink cami that matched my white tank top that had the one direction logo on. I put that on and then paired it with light wash short. I threw my hair up into a messy bun and I put some lotion on my face then powder. I walked out to the kitchen.

"Omg wha-" I was about to keep talking when I realized all the boys were here. Shit.

"quello che state facendo qui così presto." I said pretending that I just hadn't tried to speak English.

"What was that love?" Harry said. He was so cute with his dimples. Niall translated. He came in the kitchen and pulled me into my room.

"How long are you going to keep this up? It's quite annoying."

I rolled my eyes. "Don't you think I'm annoyed!"  

He threw his hands up. "Whatever Elena play your games like always," he said and walked out.

I stayed in my room and pouted. I heard him challenge them to a match then I heard all of them leave. I jumped when I turned to see Louis standing in my door way. His arms crossed, then he waved a finger.

"Uh uh uh" he said as he waved the finger around.

"vergogna vergogna vergogna qualcuno è un po 'bugiardo"

Which means, shame shame shame someone's a little fibber. I scowled.

"Oh yes ms. Elena I've discovered your little plan. I saw right through your slyness. I am the king of playing games and it helps if you have the same weapon as the player herself."

"So I just wanted to have fun." I said with a smirk.

He smirked too. "I think we're going to get along just fine. But I will always win."

I raised a brow. "Not anymore." And with that I took off running to the sliding glass doors.

Louis caught me and pushed me against the wall. His eyes full of lust and curiosity and a lot of mischievousness "One day you'll admit that I'm the winner here."

I smiled. "Never."

He laughed. Then looked at me, evil shined in his eyes. He looked at my lips then back at my eyes and started to lean in but then all of a sudden he picked me up and threw me over his back. "Louis let me down!"

Louis pov.

I watched Niall drag her to her room. He came out a little annoyed. So the little flame could speak English just as I'd thought. Niall came out and talked about a match, the boys all ran outside but not me. I walked and leaned against her door frame. She was kicking her shoes around when she turned around enough to see me she jumped.

 After I finally got to here her voice it made me weak in the knees. When I'd had her back against the wall I wanted to lean in and kiss her soft, plump lips. So I did start to lean in but just enough to weaken her. She'd play hard to get and that was fine with me. Things that throw themselves at you aren't any fun, the ones that make it worth the while are. I picked her up firemen style and took her outside to the boys.

"What I have here is an Italian beauty who plays games. She'll never admit it on her own. That why I'm here. Why don't you tell them? Or at least say a simple no."

Elena's pov.

I was upside down looking at the boys. Giving them a help and confused look. Niall was about to translate when Louis shushed him.

"Oh lovely love admit it you can speak English."

"Louis put her down."I smiled at Harry, so cute.

"Nope not till she admits."

I crossed my arms. I looked over to Liam and Niall, theyhad smirks on their faces.

"Louis her face looks like a tomato," Zayn said. Louis set me down but he was so fast he had me standing up right with his arms wrapped around me. Unfortunately having my arms crossed only helped him pin them to my Body. He was like a giant bear. His cheek was on my ear, his use of words melted me like how he called me lovely love and Italian beauty. I couldn't even fix the bangs that were falling in my face. Thankfully Harry noticed so he tucked them behind my ear.

"So if she admits to speaking English you'll set her free?" Harry asked.

"That was the deal wasn't it fiammella" I felt my face heat up. He called me little flame.  

"What did you call her?" Liam, Harry, and Zayn said in sync.

"Little flame." Niall spoke. His voice mono tone. Harry's green eyes lit up in jealousy.

"Yes it was the deal. Now can I go? Yes I admit I can speak English." Harry smiled and Zayn gasped. Louis let me go. Niall, Liam, and Zayn started to kick the ball around. Harry waited a few feet away.

"This isn't over mr.tomlinson."

He shrugged and smiled. "I never said it was fiammella." I turned before he could see my face I ran up to walk with Harry though, I wanted to stay and argue with louis.

Louis later then joined the game. It was Niall, Harry, and I versus Liam, Zayn, and Louis. Louis was defense, were as I was offense. When I got the ball it was just him and me, he was good but I was better. At first he got the ball and backed up to his offense but my midfield, well Harry, got it back up to me. Then finally I got the ball past Louis and past Zayn. Harry came running up to give me a hug I returned it

"Ugh. I'm so gross and sweaty." I whined. Harry chuckled

"You still look cute." He said, tapping my nose.

I smiled. "Thanks." Liam handed us towels to clean our feet off. When I sat down I looked down at my foot to see the inside of my foot black and blue. "

That's what you get for playing hardcore football barefoot." Liam said taking a drink. I glared at Louis causing him to give me a shit eating grin and raised his hands in surrender.

"Is that a surrender Tomlinson?"

He smirked. "Never." He said quoting me. Harry was so kind as to bring me an ice pack. I laid on the couch For five minutes then got up and changed out of my clothes into different ones.

"Oh why'd you change love?" Zayn asked I smiled he was so quiet.

"I was all sweaty"

He laughed. "So?"

"Its gross!"

"It doesn't matter you still smelt like lovely vanilla and you looked fine."

"Thanks Zayn but I felt gross. Besides I think I'm going to shower!"

"You do that but just to let you know, you kick ass at soccer you have a mean kick." I smiled as Zayn melted my heart with kindness. Louis seemed to notice so he had to add his two cents.

"If my hair hadn't of been in my eye she wouldn't of passed by me."

I chuckled. "Believe what you want." I said with a wink as I walked to my room. I locked the bedroom door. As I chose some spandex and my soccer jersey from my senior year.  


Long chapter.....I hope :( haha well enjoy.

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