Liam's little sister

It is about a Liam's little sister falling in love more. Read to find out what happiends to Liam's little sister


3. chapter 2

Two days later

It was time to go I finished packing me and Liam got in the car to go to the place where the tour bus was. We got on the tour bus super excited to go on tour with them. I sat on Liam's lap and louis sat next to Liam and started talking about what it would be like to have me on the tour. Me and Louis stroud up and when into the kichen to get something to eat. I got a sandwich and me and Louis talked when we were eating. I think I am starting to like Louis Tomlinson. I wounder what Liam is going to say.

I got a letter sent from my parents they said that they were happy for me that I got to go on tour with my older brother and spend time with the boys and my brother.

I showed my brother and he smiled and gave me a hug

There were 5 bunks and there were 6 of us. Oh great I have to sleep with my brother maybe things could change my brother said

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