Zayn is the chosen one to save Lilly Ann Rogers, he is the one who has to take this broken girl and repair her, and he does just that, but a certain man that lilly ann would do anything to avoid, comes and asks this one deed of her, will she do this task or will she go back to her old, broken ways?


4. you don't know anything

sorry its so short I apologize


I took my chance to ditch science while zayn was at his locker. I skated off into the sun light. I decided that tonight I would meet up with some friends who could hook me up. I skated down the road that took me to the club. Halfway there I turned around to see zayn following me "shit" I said through clenched teeth. I sped up and took a sharp turn that led to the back entry. For someone who didn't live on this side of the tracks he sure did know it well. I entered through the back door. They all stood up and said heyyyy. They were high already.

Zayn's pov.

I knew it was Lilly even before she turned around. She followed another path that led to probably some secret door into the club. I lit a cigarette. As I sped down the road. I got to the club. And entered. Where could she be? I looked around, no where. The last place she could be was the bath room. I pushed the door open as smoke of all kinds hit me. She was smoking weed again. Walked over there gripped her wrist hard and dragged her out into the back alley. "What the hell zayn" she yelled. "Lilly I can't have you doing this, you have no idea what you are doing." "ZAYN YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT ME!" She screamed at me. " IM TRYING TO CANT YOU SEE, IM DOING THIS BECAUSE I CARE FOR YOU." she looked at me surprised. "You care about me?" "Yes ever since the beginning!" " oh just cut to the chase we all know you are just doing this for your own image. Nobody cares for me." " my image you think I'm rich and am to good to help someone like you? Is that what you see me as a goody goody mr.perfect guy? Well then I guess we don't know each other as much as we like to think!" I turned around. I was fuming! "Zayn what are you talking about?" Her voice was soft I could tell she was right behind me. I turned around. "You don't realize but I live on the same street as you. I'm also battling with my addiction to smoking." She stood there shocked. A tear escaped from my eyes, and she came up and hugged me. "I'm so sorry zayn, I didn't know. How long have you been fighting this?" "Since I was 15" she gasped. "That's why I'm going to fix you, mend what is broken." I said into her hair. "Let's go home" I grabbed her wrist and she hopped onto her board and we rode off into the night.


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