Zayn is the chosen one to save Lilly Ann Rogers, he is the one who has to take this broken girl and repair her, and he does just that, but a certain man that lilly ann would do anything to avoid, comes and asks this one deed of her, will she do this task or will she go back to her old, broken ways?


3. take a picture it'll last longer

Man." She cried out. "What?" I asked. "I thought it was just a shitty dream!" I pretended to look hurt though deep in my heart I was. I gasped as I grasped my chest. She rolled her eyes. She grabbed my bowl of cereal. "Hey that is mine!" "So" she said with her mouthful. "Okay first of all what happened to you? You would never steel or talk with your mouth filled of food." She sighed "why do you care?" Because you were the person I used to look up to. I can't stand to see you waste your life away. I wanted to scream so bad! But instead I kept my cool. I didn't answer I just said "are you ready?" "For what?" I rolled my eyes "school love!" She squinted her eyes and got up to go to her room. I shook my head and took care of her bowl. She came out looking fresher I guess, she didn't have dark circles. "The glorious power of make up." She said as she slipped on some glossy stuff on her lips. "How Long are you going to be?" I asked hoping for a while so I could get a quick smoke. " I don't know pretty boy how long does it take your makeup artist to do your makeup?" I rolled my eyes and walked out back to the patio, I lit a cigarette and stated smoking as she did her makeup. I only stayed out there for maybe two minutes when she knocked on the window. I quickly threw it on the ground and smashed it. I reached into my pocket to grab my cologne. I came in smelling like axe, other than smoke. She had her bag on her back and skate board In Hand. I opened the door as we both hopped on our boards. We raced each other to school. I told her to behave as i went to my locker. A lot of my friends came up to me and gave me high fives. A lot of then were talking about Lilly. But no one called her Lilly, only me. My 'best friend' josh came up and said "so your Rogers fixer? You like have to be by her side twenty for sevan?" I nodded my head. " the principle even changed my schedule as hers." I pretended to be irritated. "Man I feel you bro. Though she is a druggie doesn't mean she's not hot!" He waggled his eyebrows. "No josh it's not like that." He nodded not believing me. I looked down at the new schedule.

Lilly-Ann's pov

I loved the way zayn's bangs were pushed up. He was always in my business. I knew he was only doing this for his image. I did the most stupidest thing, when he didn't answer about not caring. I went to my room and cried, stupid right? I have no idea what came over me. But I did. That why had put the makeup on. My eyes had been red and puffy. I had mastered this skill to hide it from my mom, the truth. I had gone around the house to see where he was but he wasn't any where. I looked out the back window and that's where he was. It looked like he was smoking, but him being him he was too good for that kind of life. He probably lived in some big house, all because of his fame. We raced to school and I ended up winning. As I walked into school, zayn told me to behave. I so wanted to say, well you took away my weed and cigarettes what could I get into trouble with? But I didn't. I walked into class getting a lot of high fives. A lot of the sluts that were the coolest girl in school, cut me dirty looks. What did I do to them. I sat down my teacher called me up. "Yes?" "Are you in better health? And did you do your homework?" I rolled my eyes "yes and yes zayn made me." Some girls gasped some growled. The teacher smiled. "Good." I rolled my eyes as I went back to sit down. In the seat next to me was zayn. My heart stopped. The way the light hit his eyes made them sparkle. His high cheek bones his prominent jaw line. It made me angry. I sat down with a huff. As he leaned in and whispered "take a picture it will last longer love." My neck tingled and my face flushed. I could see his smirk. I sank down in my seat, with defeat. 

We had to take notes the whole class, usually I would sit there just staring out the window. But zayn and his nosy butt made me take notes. I was mad. He followed me every where I went.  

At lunch I usually say in the court yard by myself. I was allowed to smoke there. I was about to grab my secretary hidden pack, but zayn sat down next to me. "Good day to you." I grumbled. I pulled my secret pack and lighter and started to light a cigarette. He wasn't looking,good. I brought it to my lips, but as I did he snatched it out of my hand and threw it on the ground and smashed it. " what the hell man?" " can't let you!" He said as he drank his water. He got up and surveyed where I was sitting. "Get up!" He said "nope." "Lilly" he said. I stayed where I was. He picked me up over the shoulder and sat me on the ground far away from the table. "Zayn!" I pounded at his back. He quickly ran back to the table and got rid of my secret pack and lighter. He smiled, a really gorgeous smile. "Don't I said." He light the lighter. "Zayn..." "I'm sorry Lilly but its for your good." He threw then into the trash and poured his water bottle on them. They were ruined now. "Oh and you're going to re join the MMA league once your grades are better." "What!" I was excited and scared at the same time. Fighting ran through my blood. It was the only thing I was good at.

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